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    About salonmatchmaker

    The salon/spa job seeker match: Job seekers post their pictures or videos in the job seeker directory. Salons/spas post job opportunities in the salon/spa directory, where job seekers can view and respond to them. Both salons/spas and job seekers can find, and contact, their perfect match!

    Matching Job Seekers with Salons/Spas

    Looking for more staff? Attract top talent by increasing your visibility and posting your job openings. Have access to the job seekers directory and meet the talent! Showcase your salon/spa to appeal to job seekers.

    Looking for a salon/spa job? Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional, you know what skills you have to bring to a salon/spa. We’ve made it easy for you to tell your story by posting pictures of yourself or your work, or a 30-second video to pitch your skills and experience to salon/spa owners looking to hire. Increase your competitive advantage and sell yourself into your next salon/spa position.

    The Mechanics to Making your Match!

    Job seekers can view available jobs in the salon/spa directory and can post their own pictures in the job seeker directory to be seen by salon/spa owners.

    Salon/Spa owners post job openings and view job seekers’ pictures or videos.