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    Fitness App Development

    Do you have a fitness and gymmers solution app development idea? We design and develop a fully customize fitness mobile app with advanced features and the latest technologies. Connect with us with your gymmers mobile app idea and get a free quote!!

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    WDP Technologies – Fitness Solution App Development Company

    WDP Technologies is a Gymmers Solution App and Fitness App Development Company. We offer custom fitness web and mobile app development. Our fitness app clone is aimed towards weight management, diet plans, bodybuilding, etc.

    We have a team of expert developers who have expertise in gymmers and fitness app development. Our iOS and Andorid app developers are capable to provide a fully customized fitness and gymmers mobile app solution according to your business requirements. We develop fitness mobile app solutions according to market challenges and business models that will help you to give better solutions and services to your end-users.

    Core Features of Fitness App Development


    Video-Based Guidance

    In Gymmers solution app development, video-based workout guidance helps the users to get step-by-step guidance and detailed instructions.



    Users will get a complete list of daily training sessions and workouts. The users can check the recorded training logs for a particular day.


    Activity Log

    Users can manage the activities of workout, diet, and training sessions of a whole day, week, and month, etc.



    The fitness app solution is integrated with a push notification feature. It will give timely alerts to the users for upcoming training sessions or workout training.


    Track Fitness Activity

    Users can track fitness activities like running, cycling, walking, workout time duration, heartbeat, and distance, etc.


    Analyze Performance

    In gymmers app solution, the users can analyze their daily sport and fitness performance like how much they have trained themselves.


    Fitness App Development Solution Mobile Panel


    Users can create a complete profile with basic details like height, weight, and some health metrics.


    User can take subscription in fitness app solution or can use as free with some limited functionalities.

    Daily Plan

    A customized gymmers app solution will train the users for their daily workout goals such as weight, cardio, etc.

    Activity Timeline

    Users can check their complete activity from day one through the fitness app.

    Daily Activities

    Input relevant information about daily activities that will be used to build an activity timeline.

    Video Training

    The fitness app will help the users to train themselves in the right manner without any mistakes.

    Diet Chart

    The fitness app will give a customized diet chart for weight loss, weight gain, and fitness training.

    Live Chat

    The in-built live chat feature in gymmers app development solution enables the users to chat with their training instructors.

    Workout Plans

    Trainers can provide custom workout plans and training to their premium customers.

    Fitness Plans

    Fitness plans will be charted according to a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    Steps Counter

    In-built motion and navigation feature in the fitness app solution will ensure that every step is counting by step counter feature.

    Track Progress

    The users can track their fitness progress like calories burned, endurance, fitness goals, etc.


    Each trainer can complete their profile with some information such as qualification, certificates, and experience, etc.

    Upload Workout Videos

    Trainers can upload their own workout videos on gymmers fitness app. It will help the user to train themselves.

    Manage Workout Plans

    In the fitness app solution, trainers can manage and check all workout plans that they have suggested to the users.

    Fitness Chart

    The trainers can check and analyze the performance and progress of the users in the custom fitness chart.

    Schedule Consultation

    Trainers can accept or reject personal consultation requests made by users anytime.

    Message the Users

    Trainers can connect with users via messages to check ongoing workout plans and future goals, etc.

    BMI Calculator

    A built-in BMI calculator in the fitness app will allow the trainers to quickly calculate BMI.

    Customize Nutrition Plan

    The trainer can create a customized diet plan for each user in the gymmers fitness app.

    Send Reminders

    Send reminders through the fitness mobile app to the users who have purchased premium services.


    Admin can manage the users, trainers, and dietitians through the fitness mobile app dashboard.

    User Management

    Adding, editing, and deleting the users and controlling user privileges of the fitness app.

    Manage Subscription Plan

    Admin can edit an existing subscription plan or can add new subscription plans in the fitness app.

    Manage Trainers

    Add new trainers or delete existing trainers, check their backgrounds, and verify their records.

    Manage Food Plans

    For maximum visibility, the admin can create custom food plans and can position them in the app.

    Manage Nutrition

    Create custom nutrition plans to help the users. Admin can arrange nutrition plans for paid and free users.

    Diet List

    Admin can create a diet list with specific ingredients, recipes, and can upload in the gymmers mobile app.

    Diet Templates

    Diet templates will help the users to follow the diet chart easily that consists calorie of count, food, etc.

    Exercise Management

    Admin can manage exercises and personal goals to be achieved from gymmers app solution dashboard.

    Calorie Counter

    Measure calorie intake on daily basis by entering the input of food consumption

    Workout Videos

    Users can learn the right workout technique through uploaded workout videos.

    Workout Creation

    Create different kinds of workouts like yoga, weight lifting, athletics, etc.

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    Good job, fast, worked late and overtime as emergency. Will use again. Cheers, Ian

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    It was a tough project and they were very professional company, good communication. It's a pleasure to continue to work with them.

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    Excellent communication and support!

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