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    Food Delivery App Development

    As top food delivery app development company we help brands foster loyalty by offering convenience to the users through a, one-stop solution for all their needs.

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    On-demand Food Delivery App Development Company

    With excellent experience in food delivery mobile app development for all kind of business weather it is small or large, WDP Technologies can help you with this. Our dedicated food delivery app developers will help you manage your consumer preferences with your needs and build a food delivery app that marks your existence in the food delivery business framework. Partner with the top notch food delivery app development company and reach your tech-savvy consumer-base, serve local to the next level.

    WDP Technologies is the best Food Delivery App development company allow services in Food delivery On demand app with more advanced features. We will offer you attract more customers to your business with an interactive UI/UX that will make your customers come back. From recommending nearby restaurants to users based on their geo-location to connecting nearest delivery staff for faster deliveries, we build food delivery apps that will help grow your restaurant or food aggregator business. 

    Essential Features of On-Demand Food Ordering Apps

    App Push Notifications

    To make visibility and let yourself stay in front of your rivals, sending message pop-ups is the most ideal way. It assists organizations with remaining associated with the clients.

    GPS Tracking in Real-Time

    Customers might follow the area of their food utilizing constant GPS, which is one of the fundamental elements of food conveyance applications. The objective of GPS is to give two-way following and activity.

    Simple Payment Methods

    You can utilize any available payment gateways or mobile wallet software services, for example, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, iOS Paypal account, Mastercard, Credit/Check Card, Web Banking, and Money down (COD) choices.

    Search Filters

    You have the opportunity to look through the diners you need by downloading an eatery aggregator/requesting application. Likewise, clients ought to look for things in view of ideal conveyance, distances, or even menu decisions, which shift from spot to More is expected for an application for a solitary café or chain.

    Integrate Social Media

    You have the chance to glance through the cafes you really want by downloading a diner aggregator/mentioning application. Similarly, clients should search for things considering ideal movement, distances, or even menu choices.

    Secure Payment

    We integrate secure payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery, to protect user financial information. We employ encryption and secure channels to ensure that credit card details are transmitted safely.

    Must-Have Features For Food Delivery App Development

    Registration & Profile Management

    Just like the customer app, the admin panel also requires a registration and profile management feature. It is an important feature of a restaurant mobile application that are appropriate across all three kinds of apps. In case you are having an aggregator model, which has different restaurants for the users to order from, you need this feature.

    Voice Search

    Implementing a voice search into your grocery shopping app can play a key role in increasing the user experience. It will help users to use a voice command to place an order or find a product.

    Easy Order Placement

    Most people prefer to order online because order placement is very quick and easy. This is possible only if your app has been designed from a user-friendly perspective. On-demand food delivery app must have an attractive user interface (UI) design. A user interface is an essential part of the app through which users communicate with the app and order services.

    Reviews & Ratings

    This option allows your customers to rank and evaluate other restaurants on the app based on their listed food. Therefore, each company values its consumers since they are the lifeblood of the company. Accordingly, any form of review or rating is highly beneficial to a company’s understanding of the drawbacks of their on-demand delivery software.

    Schedule the Orders

    Order scheduling is helpful for users to order the food ahead of time or whenever they want the food to be delivered to them. with this feature, the users of your app don’t have to wait. They can just order the food as they are getting out of the office, and as they reach home, they will be delivered their food at the perfect time.

    Managing Orders

    Order management is one feature where delivery people can see if they have any order requests or not, and they can also accept and reject new requests from here.

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