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    Taxi Booking App Development Cost and Features

    By Nemi Mangal | May 27, 2022

    Taxi Booking App Development Cost and Features

    This generation of internet technology has grown so much that people are using mobile apps to perform their day-to-day tasks. There are numerous mobile apps available on the internet to make your work done trouble free and reduce your stress. Commuting is also counted as a day to day task for those who don’t own a vehicle but still need to travel daily for business, jobs, and study. These new technology apps have made commuting easy with taxi booking apps. Taxi booking app development has become the prime startup nowadays and great scope for new ideas.

    On-Demand Taxi Booking  App Development

    The old and traditional way of reserving taxis has faded away and new ways of booking cabs or taxis for yourself have come in. Everyone is using apps for commuting from one place to another. There are so many taxi booking mobile apps that contain a feature that allows the user to book only via these applications. Web and App Development Companies are doing hard work and preservation that have been leading to the growth of these applications. One can depend on them fully to book a taxi ride for themselves. 

    Taxi Booking App Overview & Interface

    taxi booking app interface

    The working of these apps is very simple. Like all other apps, users need to install these apps from the play store or app store on their mobile devices. Choosing an app depends on different factors like the location where it is available, reviews of the app and rating of the app, and services and kind of services given by them. Once the app is installed users can register themselves and fill in all the required information asked at the time of registration. They can also save locations for their home or some other places they visit most so that it is easy to book a taxi just by a click for those particular places. 

    Taxi booking app allows users to choose the type of cab they want to reserve for the ride; they can book a bike, car, mini or many other options. These apps help you to compare cabs after the app calculates the distance and time of the ride. The most interesting feature of these apps is that you can book a cab for yourself and make them wait for you till you are not ready. They will pick and drop you from the exact location you have entered so that the user gets a comfortable ride.

    Advantages Of On-Demand Taxi Booking App

    On-demand taxi booking apps are a solution to many problems like they reduce the waiting time, finding the cabs in bad weather, and many other things too. There are some advantages found from these apps which are not found when the traditional way of reserving taxis was used. Not only for the passenger, online taxi booking mobile apps are equally beneficial for drivers as well. Let us discuss the use of these online taxi booking apps:

    For Passenger:

    ♦︎ The exact location and time of the cab are shown to the passenger so that they can take an eye on their driver and calculate how much time it will take.

    ♦︎ You don’t need to go out for booking a cab you can do it just by using your mobile device

    ♦︎ The payment mode is also very comfortable. Passengers also need not carry change for their cab ride they can pay using an online mode of payment

    ♦︎ Passenger has authority and the advantage of giving reviews about the ride and driver as well

    ♦︎ You don’t need to wait outside as the driver will connect with you as soon as they reach the given location

    For Drivers:

    ♦︎ They need not roam here and there in the city searching for passengers and waste fuel/gas, time, and petrol in this search. They can now just sit and wait for someone to book them.

    ♦︎ They will need not carry a large amount of cash with them because the almost digital mode of payment is used nowadays.

    ♦︎ Drivers have the right to add reviews about the rider so that other drivers can also get knowledge about it. 

    ♦︎ These apps work on GPS technology so searching for the rider’s location becomes much easier.

    Features Included In  Taxi booking App 

    Taxi Booking app Features
    Everyone wants to reduce the competition as there is tough competition in mobile apps. Adding unique and advanced features can help you to remove some of the competition and get a lead in the taxi booking app development market. Let us understand what are these features that can help you to grow in such a tough competition. 

    ♦︎ Authorization To User/Driver: This feature will allow the driver to get authorized to drive the car under that application. They can get a permit to take rides and connect it with the mobile application.

    ♦︎ Auto Dispatch Software: This will allow drivers to keep a record of all their bookings on one app. They don’t need to go here and there; they can save all the information all together in one place. It will also help them to get proper instructions to reach the place they have to get a booking form.

    ♦︎ Drivers Queue Algorithm: This feature is for the owner of the taxi service they can keep a record and track the number of drivers and taxis available in one place, Which can be used as an option to send users that they can choose their driver if more then 2-3cabs are available at one place.

    ♦︎ Surge Pricing: When there is a shortage of taxis the taxi owner can surge the price and earn more profits on that day.

    ♦︎ Zone Pricing: Each city or location has some restrictions, laws, roads, and timings and the price for such places can vary. This will allow taxi service owners to make money.

    ♦︎ Heat Map View: This will help the owner to calculate that time of a day when there are more requirements of the cab and they can allot more taxies in that particular slot.

    ♦︎ Phone Number Masking: If the driver/user doesn’t want to share their contact information they must know that the app allows them to keep it confidential. One can also hide numbers from being revealed.

    ♦︎ Loyalty Program: App can offer drivers and passengers some benefits like discounts, coupons, etc.

    ♦︎ Real-Time Analytics: This feature is for app owners it allows the app owner to track the performance of all the taxis at some point in time. What they are currently doing and how they are getting passengers.

    ♦︎ Multi-Lingual Support: This feature allows people from other countries to book a taxi without the hassle of communication.

    ♦︎ Automate Driver Payment: This feature will allow connecting the digital wallet or bank account with the app so that the fare of the ride will get deducted automatically.

    ♦︎ Multiple Payment Options:  These days all taxi booking apps adopted the advanced mode of payment they include payments through cards, online banking, and mobile wallets etc.

    ♦︎ Push Notifications: A user should get notified once they can arrive at the location. Also if there are some new offers or any other information must be sent using a push notification

    ♦︎ Login/ signup: Each user needs to have a different account therefore each user registers themselves before booking. This account will allow them to keep their favorite or most visited places saved in their account.

    ♦︎Fare Calculation: This will allow the user to calculate the fare of each ride. They will get to know how much they need to spend before booking.

    ♦︎ Multiple booking: There is no restriction on booking. You can book several rides with a single account

    ♦︎ Bill Splitting: If more than one person is going in a cab and sharing a ride they can split the bill.

    ♦︎ Book Cab For A friend: It is not necessary that you can book only for yourself, you can book an app for the third party from your account.

    ♦︎ In-App Call: The user won’t have time to call after going into call logs this feature allows the user to just call with a one tap

    ♦︎ Emergency Contact: The app allows the user to add emergency contact in their app so that it will help them to call in case of any mishap.

    ♦︎ Live to track: This feature allows the user to share the location of the cab with their family or friends so that they can track the exact location of yours.

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    How Much Taxi Booking Mobile App Development Cost?

    A taxi booking app is a very much needed app in today’s scenario. It must work well with all devices and platforms. You must think before investing in a taxi booking app development, you can go into losses and maybe your app did not get complete. You must assign a friendly budget or an analyzed budget for taxi booking app development. For this, you must know the factors that are involved in taxi booking app development. 

    ♦︎ Complexity: While deciding the budget you must consider the complexity of your app. A complex app will take more time and manpower is also needed, therefore a great budget is needed as compared to a less complex app.

    ♦︎ Platforms: The platform used to develop an app is also a factor affecting the cost of app development. The number of apps developed on Android and iOS differs from one another. If you want to develop an app across platforms then it can cost more than others.

    ♦︎ Features: If you are planning to include a lot of features in your app then you should prepare yourself for spending a good amount on your app. A complex feature app requires a huge amount more than a simple one.

    ♦︎ Region: Each country and city have a different rate for app development. You can check and compare these rates. If you have planned to get your app developed in a city where the cost of development is high then it will cost you a bit more. 

    Every nation and every city could have various costs for taxi booking app development considering the application improvement groups, accessibility or assets, and so on. Take a look at the amount one would have to incur on these apps region wise:

    U.S: USD 150 – USD 250 per hour 

    Europe: USD 40 – USD 150 per hour

     India: USD 10 – USD 80 per hour

    Final Words

    Finally, don’t be terrified to launch a simple version of your taxi booking app. Later, you always have a chance to update it as and when needed. 

    Are you interested in taxi booking app development? Our team of mobile app developer can help you throughout the process, from the initial app concept discussion to app launch and further project support.