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    5 Tips to Hire OffShore Developers Team

    By Nemi Mangal | February 10, 2021

    Hire OffShore Developers Team

    Outsourcing is booming around the world and the demand to hire offshore developers is growing every day. 

    Affordable costing is one of the benefits of working with an offshore development team. There are two kinds of teams you can hire – In-House Team and Offshore Team.

    An In-House Team is a place where you recruit different people, specialized in different skills, and create a team that will work together on your project. It is a very difficult task to choose such people who can work together.

    On the other hand, an offshore development team is a group of professionals who can outsource your project at a relatively low cost. Hiring an offshore development team is less difficult than hiring an In-House team. 

    What is Offshore Development?

    Outsourcing is one of the best cost-cutting measures. It is an efficient business approach in which an It company hires another It company from a different country to perform specific tasks. 

    These tasks can be mobile app development, software development, website development, product development, etc. 

    Benefits to Hire Offshore Developers Team

    1. Improved Productivity and Quality

    The offshore developer’s team not only reduces costs but also streamlines the process and saves time. This means if you are going for agile development with an offshore development team then there is no need to spend extra time to train new employees. 

    2. Flexibility

    Changing the technology can be a challenge with an In-house team. However, once you connect with a trusted and reliable offshore development company, you can easily switch between teams (like from Android app developers to iOS app developers)

    3. Less Expensive

    Quartz reports that 46% of startups fail because they have no money in the initial stage. By choosing an affordable developers team, you do not have to spend money on expenses such as rent, salary, insurance, recruitment fees, etc.

    4. Tax Saving

    When you hire offshore developers in countries like India and Ukraine, etc. you can take the tax benefits they offered.

    5. It’s your Team

    When you hire an offshore development team in India, you can lead your team according to your requirements and expectations. You are free to tell them what to do and the way of doing things. 

    Tips to Hire Offshore Developers Team

    1. Experience

    Many organizations follow this myth that age is one of the best ways to determine the expertise and the experience of an offshore development company.

    Even companies that have spent a minimum or a significant amount of time in the market often go with unskilled developers and designers to lower down the costs. 

    To evaluate real experience before hire offshore developers, you need to check whether the team has knowledge of development, technologies, and standards. 

    Only companies that have previously worked on similar projects or currently working can genuinely understand your project expectations and requirements and also make sure that proper development techniques are implemented to complete your project with all the regulatory standards set by the industry. 

    2. Project Management Capabilities 

    It is difficult to determine the project management capabilities of an outsource development company while outsourcing your development project. 

    Companies that offer project management within the SLA (Service Level Agreement) have the experience and expertise to make creative solutions.

    Companies resolved the concerns with proper communication and provide complete project information through a designated point of contact who understands the project requirements. 

    3. Communication Handling 

    Communication handling is a major concern while hire offshore developers team, especially dealing in other countries. In addition to the obvious language and cultural barriers, the time delay is also an important factor.

    Lack of communication may lead to misunderstanding in terms of project deliverables and project requirements which can ruin the client relationship.

    Hire offshore developers team that provided a single point of contact to avoid delays and misunderstandings. 

    4. Technology Expertise 

    It is almost impossible for any developer to have all development knowledge in all possible coding technology. 

    Therefore, it is best to hire a development company that offers a wide range of technologies and a team of competent developers who can handle the language requirements of your choice.

    You need to look for development companies that have the necessary resources throughout the development lifecycle, skills in documentation, design, modernization, and conceptualization with the competency to handle multiple production cycles.

    5. Business Understanding

    Before hire offshore developers team, make sure that the team fully understands your project requirements. 

    In order to have economically efficient service, it is important that your developers spend every single penny effectively without making any other expenses and deliver the project on time.

    Most Popular Project and Service to Outsource

    Here is a list of some services that are most frequently outsourced around the globe:

      • Website Maintenance
      • Mobile App Development
      • Website Development
      • Training and Consulting
      • Software Development

    With years of experience in these domains, we offer various technology stacks. With us, you can hire an offshore development company in India as per your needs. 

    Where Can You Hire Offshore Developers?

      • Via search terms like “hire offshore developers” or “hire developers”.
      • Search on Linkedin, Appfutura, and GoodFirms, etc., and similar websites.
      • Recommendations from your contacts. 

    WDP Technologies provides outsource development and offshore development team. We have a team of experienced developers who have knowledge of the latest technology and tools and can work as per your project requirements. Connect with us to get our premium services.