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We are here to deliver cost effective web development solutions with interactive web interface technology and without comprising the word of quality

Offshore Outsourcing has brought a revolution in the way business is being conducted globally

WDP Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Web Design and Development Company dedicated to helping its customers get the best from the web with a complete range of outsourced web design & development services like custom web design, ecommerce development, CMS solutions and full cycle web development.

We make your corporate image look good, no matter what type of media you use to broadcast your message to the world. We enable companies & organizations to better communicate with their target audience by the use of effective design in branding, print & web.
With 3+ years of experience under our belt, over 450 clients in 20+ countries, 30+ business partners and around 70% repeat business, WDP Experts has all the skills & expertise required to win your business challenges & help you reach your full potential! We are experts in web design & development with an extreme focus on Quality of Work we do! We always aim to deliver every new project with higher quality standards as compared to the previous ones delivered.

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Very efficient developers, great communication, someone you can trust to work on your projects. Happy with the results and look forward to working with them again.

  • Direct communication between client and developer
  • More development in less time
  • Higher efficiency with cost cutting
  • More reliable
  • Excellent 24 x 7 availability and support
  • Easy to maintain and upgrades
  • More data security
  • Web Design and Development
  • Android And IOS Application Development
  • Custom Web Developments
  • Custom Web Design
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart Website Development
  • Support And Maintenance

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As one of the leading open source Web Development Company we realize the importance for website which not only has a strong and appealing front end but also a reliable and scalable back-end framework. We are counted among the leading PHP Development companies, India having invested in deploying manpower and infrastructure required to develop appealing websites using PHP as a framework.

Quality Web Content: There’s one primary reason people use search engines and browse websites, and that is to search for information. People desire information everyday, and want if delivered in a fast and reliable fashion. Whether to entertain, entice or educate, superior content is a must in every frequently visited website.

Clear, User-friendly Navigation: A stellar web design must contain a user-friendly navigation scheme that allows visitors to quickly find the information needed. Important links must be easy to find and given logical, simple, and include easy-to-understand labels.

Webpage Speed: People inherently lose patience quickly, and that holds true when visiting a website. The longer a website takes to load, the more likely a person will leave before it fully renders. Beautiful graphics and substantial content become useless if a site’s speed hampers its ability to deliver content quickly.

Search Engine Optimisation: A well-designed website generally will receive many visitors, and one method to attract visitors is search engine optimisation. This entails the insertion of search keywords in website content, an appropriate link profile, social media signals

Web Compatibility: The variety of browser and platforms which one can now be view web design can present a challenge to developers, but talented ones are accustomed to handling such factors. A site should easily render on various resolutions, screen sizes, and browsers.

Compatibility & Usability: One challenge for web developers is making websites functional and look good in all the various browsers and on monitors of all various resolutions.  We approach the browser cross-compatibility issue by using progressive enhancement.

PHP web programming essentially involves working with open source scripting languages e,g. AJAX, Javascript, jQuery etc., OS primarily Linux, server as Apache, database integration mostly MySql. It is a widely used programming language for developing dynamic, database-driven website and requires industry expertise, functional experience and technological capabilities. Popularly it is also know as LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) programming.

  • E-commerce solutions
  • Social Networking
  • Online Business application
  • Advanced PHP programming
  • Content management system
  • Custom PHP Programming

PHP is an open source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Being a robust, server-side language it offers a great deal of functionality. PHP Programming is also use for command line scripting and client-side GUI application development. Over the years, the demand for PHP development has risen, and being a PHP web development company, WDP has thrived because of our efficient services and effective applications. Our advance and efficacious project management models and expertise in core PHP technologies provide you a competitive advantage in PHP website development.

PHP development allows you to create website which has an excellent User Interface and attracts more visitors to your business thereby helping you in increasing sales as compared to websites which are developed on some other platform.

Timely project initiation.
Pay only for resources which you need during the development process.
100% transparency through-out project development process.
Maintaining confidentiality.
Working with technology experts.

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