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    10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Startups

    By Nemi Mangal | November 30, 2022

    Marketing Strategies for Startups

    Having a business website and application is very important but you must not forget about marketing your business. It is a little difficult for startup businesses to grow in the market. Having a website for the business is equally important as the marketing of the business. In this 21st century, marketing has become the top priority for all sizes of companies. Every year the importance of marketing is growing at a rapid speed. Every business needs the best marketing strategies for startups to increase the number of clients on their website.  

    Marketing Strategies for Startups

    Startup companies have a unique position in the market. A marketing strategy for startups is a plan that is suitable to the business budget and assures you quicker growth than traditional marketing strategies. These marketing strategies can either include some growth hacking or growth marketing, it depends on whether you want fast results or a strong base to develop your business. 

    According to experience, a startup marketing plan is a must for your business growth no matter how many investors your startups have or how strong the source background is, paid advertising or paid partnerships are only not the reason for startup growth. They are also useful but we can’t say they are the only reason behind this growth. Let us discuss the best marketing strategies for startups.

    1. Content marketing

    One of the top most marketing strategies for startups is content other businesses’ content marketing. It includes distributing, creating, and publishing content for a targeted online audience. It can engage leads and attract them and so it can increase your client base and enhance your sales. You just require to keep publishing regularly to keep your prospects, leads, and customers interested and updated. You can create different types of content for your website such as blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, newsletters, videos, social media posts, posters, advertisements, etc. Your content must be different, unique, interesting, useful, and distributable. This will encourage your readers who are attracted by your content to distribute in their circle. 

    Brand marketing is about building connections with your audience, and one of the best ways is through stories. Stories have the capability to take us to another world, make us feel comfortable, and give us a new point of view on familiar topics. By controlling the power of the story, you can create marketing content that is both memorable and effective. 

    2. Social media marketing

    Social media marketing is one of low budget but also effective in case of increasing your brand awareness and engagement. Using social media you get a chance to connect with even millions of users. There are different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. You can choose any one of them. You can search and target those networks which your target audiences are using most of their time. You can create a business account for free and keep sharing creative, attractive, interesting, relevant, and engaging content there. You can link your content on your website if some are related.

    3. Search engine optimization 

    SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies for startups. It includes manipulating your website to score higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to grow the visibility of your website and also increase website traffic. Although it needs a bit of technical knowledge, which is easier to learn. You must have basic knowledge of it. 

    Here are some useful tricks to employ-

    • Find and use appropriate keywords and their densities.
    • Identify pages with declining traffic (content decay) and fix them by refreshing old content.
    • Align with search intent by covering related questions.
    • Improve your site’s user experience by making your content easy to read, increasing website speed, and simplifying navigation.
    • Make your site mobile-friendly
    • Link your site internally as well as externally (backlinking).
    • Ensure that your site loads on HTTPS.
    • Fix “404 Page Errors” by re-directly URLs.
    • Target local searchers with listings and landing pages.

    4. Referral marketing

    It includes getting your current customers to distribute your brand promotion via the mouth. Referral marketing statistics told that customers are more eager to buy a product that is referred to them by a friend. You require an organized referral program in place to successfully tap into this potential.

    You can connect your current clients with brand sympathy to introduce their friends, folks, and colleagues to you by motivating them. Some benefits are cash rewards, discounts on the next purchase, upgrading products, and offering exclusive features. Though this technique requires you to invest some money, it is not a big investment and is really useful.

    5. Email marketing

    Email marketing is a strategy that never gets old. But it is still one of the low-budget startup marketing plans available. However, you are required to have an Organized genuine email list instead of a purchased one. 

    Here are a few ways of email marketing you can try-

    • Segment Your Subscribers. 
    • Personalize your emails to increase open and click-through rates.
    • Keep your subject lines personalized and short.
    • Determine the best time to send your emails.
    • Keep your emails mobile-friendly.
    • Give away freebies such as tools and templates.
    • Re-engage inactive customers by employing win-back campaigns.

    6. Participate in groups and forums

    Getting connected with the public via forums is a much more powerful way in this era of high internet usage. Whenever you find someone creating a query in your niche of expertise or about any upcoming event in your local area, you can take it as an opportunity to encourage your business. The more complex you get, the higher you will gain from it. 

    The best part about this competent marketing strategy is that it comes up perfectly free of cost and helps in inaugurating yourself as the control in your niche. Participating in groups and forums also allows you to meet competitors and identify what they are and what they are not doing right. This will allow you to determine what you should do to set your website stand out from theirs.

    7. Guerrilla marketing

    If you are not aware of the term guerrilla marketing don’t worry it is just a marketing strategy in which a brand uses unusual and surprising ways of communication to promote a product and service. The main target is to create a buzz about your product or service offline. This grabs the attention of your target market, connects people to talk favorably about you, and opens new business opportunities. 

    8. Attend trade shows

    This is also one of the offline marketing strategies for startups. Here are some tips to use it-  

    • Attract attendees to your booth via banners, giveaways, banner stands, literature, and touch screens to conduct a survey, collect customer information, or demonstrate a product.
    • Publicize your attendance at the event through emails, email signatures, websites, newsletters, blog sections, and social media sites.
    • Conduct contests and prize drawings to win your target audience’s attention.
    • Set objectives and focus on those. 
    • Have a good amount of supplies such as brochures, literature, giveaways, and business cards handy. 

    9. Have a social cause

    Utilize our product for social reasons to grow your brand awareness and boost the brand’s success. Get different ideas to help your customers in an interactive way with your products like contributing to a noble purpose. 

    10. Create a viral video

    Video marketing statistics say that 54% of people love to watch videos from marketers. The reason is we all are basically visual creatures who would prefer watching video content rather than text-based content. Creating an amazing video and getting it viral to generate huge traffic while encouraging your audience to purchase your product. 

    You can create videos in different forms like explainers, how-Tos, testimonials, and product demos. So the option of displaying your product is amazing and unique too. A funny and interesting video can grab huge attention and also trigger word-of-mouth promotion. However, remember that only short and engaging videos retain the interest of viewers till the end.  


    For developing the best marketing strategies for startups you don’t need a big amount for marketing. There are many marketing strategies discussed in this article to help you in growing your business. You can try any of them that is suitable for your niche. Marketing has equal importance just like your website design and application UX/UX have. You can hire the best SEO service providing company for your product promotion and branding. WDP technologies is one of the web and mobile app development companies offering all kinds of development facilities and also provide digital marketing support.