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    A Complete Guide of on-Demand Pediatric App Development

    By Nemi Mangal | November 6, 2020


    The market of on-demand pediatric app development has completely changed after the Coronavirus crisis. It has changed the living lifestyle’s across the globe. The medical sector is the most impacted sector by Covid-19

    On-demand applications are developing most in today’s world whether it is food delivery, grocery delivery, cab bookings, online shopping, etc. 

    Similarly, the need for on-demand pediatric app development seems pertinent. Telehealth apps can be like on-demand telehealth app solutions, doctor appointment app, medical care app solutions, online prescription app delivery, etc.

    Present Scenario 

    • A report by Updox, 42% of Americans are using online telehealth services instead of physical in-office appointments.
    • A report by McKinsey, 11% of people uses telehealth services before the Covid-19 pandemic. Now During Covid-19, 76% of people are interested in using telehealth services.


    Source: McKinsey

    • A report by Fierce healthcare, health systems, and hospitals are planning to invest in telehealth services. In the next 18 months, 90% of businesses are planning to make future investments in telehealth services.

    Market Overview

    Now, let’s have a look into the telehealth market.

    • A report by Statista, the global value of telehealth services was valued at 45 billion U.S dollars. By 2026, It is expected to be valued at 175 billion U.S dollars.


    What Does Pediatric Mean?

    Pediatric is a Greek word that means “healer of children diseases”. It is a medical science branch that deals with children and infants diseases from birth up to 10 years of age.

    What Does Pediatric App Treat?

    • Common cold/ Cough/ Fever
    • Stomach issues
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Diarrhea
    • Pain in Stomach
    • Loose Motion/Constipation
    • Psychological disorders and mental growth
    • Hair and skin problems in children
    • Dental problems
    • Skin allergies
    • Growth concerns
    • Cough/cold/fever
    • Headache
    • Gas/Acidity
    • Eye problems
    • Anxiety in children
    • Childhood nutrition
    • Infections & injuries

    How Pediatric On-Demand App Works?

    1. Download app from app the store 
    2. Fill details of your child like age, symptoms, etc.
    3. Choose an expert 
    4. Make online payment 
    5. Connect with the specialist 
    6. Consult via chat or video call 
    7. Get online prescription 

    Modules of On-Demand Pediatric App Solution

    There are 3 basic modules of on-demand telehealth app solution:

    Patient’s App

    • Search Doctors
    • Make Appointments
    • Appointments Reminders
    • Chat/Video with Doctors
    • Make Payments
    • Prescription Delivery
    • Ratings and Reviews

    Doctor’s App

    • Accept/Reject Appointments 
    • Appointments Reminders
    • Chat/Video with Patients
    • Manage Payments
    • Prescription Delivery

    Admin Panel

    • Manage Patients
    • Manage Doctors
    • Check Availability 

    Core Features of On-Demand Doctor Appointment App

    • Schedule online appointments 
    • Consult with Doctors 24*7
    • Get affordable family health plans 
    • Order medicines online
    • Manage digital health records
    • Private chat with Doctors 

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    Process of On-Demand Pediatric App Development

    • Create A Project Plan

    In the beginning, you need to create a project plan for your on-demand pediatric app solution. Create a list with all features and functions that you want in the app. For this, you can do the competitor’s research and analyze their app features. 

    By market research and competitor research, you can get an idea about what they lack in and what extra features you can add to your doctor appointment app.

    • Get A Quote

    The cost of a doctor appointment app can increase with advanced features and functionalities. So, make a flexible budget plan because there might be some factors that you have not considered. 

    As we are a mobile app development company, you can connect with our team and get an estimated time and cost for your app development after considering your app requirements. 

    • Create Project Scope

    We will create a project scope that will contain a timeline, technologies, features, and other things. An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will be signed by us to keep your app idea private and safe.

    Our development team will follow this project scope in order to complete your on-demand telehealth app development.

    • Start Development

    You will get app design prototypes and mockups from our designing team. Developers will start your on-demand pediatric app development after your approval. We provide both Android and iOS app development.

    Our QA team will test your app to find bugs and fix them. This process will repeat until your app runs smoothly on all devices. 

    • Launch Your App

    In the end, after all the development process you can launch your app on app marketplaces like Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore and on your servers. 

    You will get app-related data and documents like mockups, wireframes, databases, and access credentials, etc. 



    This is a good time for the entrepreneurs to find the scope of an on-demand telehealth solution. Check your locality and grab the chance to improve the online medical care system in your city or country. 

    With years of experience, we have successfully developed and delivered many healthcare projects worldwide. Discuss your idea with us and hire our developers to get the best solution for your on-demand pediatric app.