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    How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Practo?

    By Nemi Mangal | October 5, 2020

    app like practo

    With the digital era of technology, everything has turned into modern. Even now, people opt for a home delivery service. Just Like all other sectors which are gaining the advantage of advanced mobile technology, the health sector is also in the race to gain technology advantage in the field of the hospitality segment. Finding a trust able doctor is difficult but more difficult is getting a without complications appointment. Traditionally, to schedule, an appointment was a challenging task. Medical appointments have been made with schedules over the phones. Patients are losing patience with the manner several doctors’ offices have traditionally operated. Patients had to stand in the queue for an awfully long time, they had limited contact with the doctor and little to no access to their medical records.

    But Thanks God, there’s a way out. This is when health care apps, particularly Doctor Booking App like Practo, come back as a rescue. The doctor’s appointment app helps you to instantly find a doctor close to your location, read reviews, book the appointment at any time, and make the process convenient. In spite of wherever you are. No annoying queues and thief of your time. Such app like pracot is extremely helpful in cases once you ought to get instant consultation and support.

    What is a Doctor’s Appointment Booking App?

    Doctor’s appointment helps you to find the best primary care doctor near you and also allows you to book appointments via smartphones and make the process convenient and easy for the health industry. It act as a bridge between patient and doctor. It helps to improve health industry.

    Why There’s A Need To Develop Mobile App like Practo For Your Hospital ?

    A growing variety of medical practices are going online with appointment scheduling systems. It is always aforesaid that advancement in technology is a boon for an individual’s being if it used for the benefits of them. For such reasons, doctor’s appointment mobile apps for hospitals is additionally turning into a boon for individuals looking for emergency treatment or want the help from specialty doctors related to their disease.

    In modern times, from multi-specialty hospitals to startup clinics, medical professionals, and doctors like utilizing smartphones to make their tasks efficiently. As medical professionals got to prepare for any emergency situation, efficiently developed medical apps provide the best help to remain attentive anytime and anywhere.

    With the assistance of the hospital application for the patient, the doctor will get all details of the patient from the application and provide the proper treatment by informing the assistant doctor or nurse. The advantage of medical apps for a doctor is additionally useful once a patient gets discharged from the hospital and searching for recovery assistance from a doctor. In such a situation, the doctor can find his/her treatment history at their finger touch using an app and provide the most effective suggestions.

    Doctor appointment software and hospital information management system is a cutting-edge introduction within the field of medicine and health care. It has been seamlessly enforced in making health care available-to-all and easy-to-manage.

    Doctor appointment software and hospital information management system is a cutting-edge introduction within the field of medicine and health care. It has been seamlessly enforced 

    Boon of  Doctor Appointment Apps

    According to IHS, the number of doctors` virtual consults will double up by 2020. This proves an excellent demand in high-quality health care services in spite of wherever you reside. Here are some key advantages of online consults for both doctors as well as patients.

    Advantages for Doctors

    • Online presence
    • Self-advertisement
    • Grow your patients base
    • 24/7 access for your patients
    • Remote workplace

    Advantages for Patients

    • No need to wait in queues
    • Online access to the best and according to your preference in any specialty
    • Anonymity
    • Cost and time saving
    • Opportunity to envision all the vital information regarding the doctor`s expertise and experience

    Process Of Development App Like Practo

    1. Select a unique mock-up: At first, you need to choose a unique design for your doctor appointment software to make it more attractive and interactive in all the possible ways.
    2. Add user-friendly features: Make sure to add some features like payment, appointment. It will make your app more user friendly and best doctor appointment booking app.
    3. Publish the app in online market: Publish your application in online market(like app store, play store) with the best online marketing strategy so that it will boost up the number of downloads. Make it easy for the patients and customers to make the appointment swiftly.

    Key Features of App Like Practo: Crucial For Your Product

    1. Online consultations: Offer round-the-clock consultations through HD video, audio, or chat.
    2. Doctor online appointment booking: It is of great convenience for the health seekers. As they can book an appointment at any time just by looking and choosing from the slots available.
    3. Online prescriptions: Let doctors prescribe medications directly within the application.
    4. Map with doctors and medical facilities: Show nearby doctors and medical facilities to cut off search times. 
    5. Search and filters: Let users seek for health care providers, doctors, and clinics and filter results by location, experience, specialty, ratings, etc.
    6. Detailed profiles of health care providers: Doctor profiles should contain elaborated information regarding-
      • experience,
      • certifications,
      • competencies,
      • languages spoken,
      • feedback,
      • ratings, etc.
    7. Push notifications: Doctors and patients should both receive push notifications regarding upcoming appointments.
    8. Payment gateway: You can easily make your payment online through debit, credit/net banking facility. It cuts off the hassle of payments. Automatic payment for consultations is standard in health care apps.

    Cost To Create App Like Practo

    Now after considering all the advantages, the biggest question arises, “How much will it cost to build a doctor appointment booking app?”.  

    To answer this question, it is important to have a vision of all the features of the application and administration needs.


    Are you looking to develop your own app like practo? Then, there are some points that you can’t bear to neglect like having the best UI/UX mockup for your app. Also, developing your app on the most popular platforms like Android and ios. WDP Technologies can help you to do exactly so. You just need to share your demands and get ready to experience the best doctor appointment scheduling software.