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    How Much It Cost To Make An App In India?

    By Nemi Mangal | August 6, 2022

    How Much It Cost To Make An App In India

    Around all over the world, India has a more economical cost for app development without even compromising the quality of code and resources with on-time delivery.

    At WDP Technologies we offer 10$/hour to 50$/hour depending on the requirements of the project and manpower required, Whereas 40$-50$/hour is charged in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany & many more tech-centric countries.

    This article consists of the cost structure of App Development Services in India to give you a brief about how much it cost to make an app in India

    Let us discuss the actual app development costs in India and also why should it is beneficial for you to hire mobile app developer in India 

    How Much It Cost To Make An App In India

    As for now, we have enough knowledge and understanding about the changeability of the cost of app development based on different factors. Depending on the complexity of the projects and the features included in them, the Cost to make an app in India may range from $5,000 to $100,000 or more.

    According to the complexity and features, we have categorized app projects into three principal simple apps, standard apps, and complex apps. Let’s have a look at how much it cost to make an app in India according to different categories. From the given table you can evaluate the categories of your project. 

    App Categories Approximate Cost Development Time
    Simple App Projects $10,000 to $30,000 1-3 Months
    Standard App Projects $40,000 to $90,000 4-9 Months
    Complex App Projects $100,000 to $120,000+ 10+ Months

    Features of an app, architecture of an app, complexity, project size, and skills required for development play an important role in determining the cost and time to make an app. Most of the apps are related to simple and standard categories; only a few are there in the complex app development category. 

    Talking about the past assessments, you really need to go into detail about the development process of the app like requirements, features, and all things that are needed. At WDP Technologies, our specialists can give an exact cost and time gauge for the project by using a careful computation technique.

    Now, let us have an approximate calculation of the development time and cost of some most popular niches of app categories. This will give you an approximate idea of how much it cost to make an app India

    Type of App Approximate Cost Development Time
    Social Chat App $20,000-$60,000 2-6 months
    eLearning App     $10,000-$80,000 2-8 months
    Fintech App $10,000-$55,000 2-6 months
    Healthtech App $15,000-$60,000 2-6 months
    Food Aggregator App $10,000-$40,000 1-4 months
    Enterprise App $30,000-$80,000 3-8 months
    Mobile Games $15,000-$70,000 2-7 months
    Mobile Commerce App $10,000-$75,000 1-7 months
    Media Streaming App $10,000-$75,000 1-6 months
    Cab Booking App $15,000-$55,000 2-6 months
    NFT MarketPlace $20,000-$70,000 2-7 months
    Fleet Management App $10,000-$55,000 1-5 months
    EV Charge App $15,000-$45,000 2-4 months
    Mental Health Wellbeing App $10,000-$55,000 1-5 months
    Tourism Apps $10,000-$60,000 2-6 month

    Understanding the Massive Variability of the Cost to Make App Development in India

    Before we dive into the details of app development in detail, you need to understand the huge variability of the cost figures. Cost of app development depends on different regions and factors affecting the development process. Even for the costs of app development in India, these factors play an important role. From complexity in making an app, the platform chosen and app types and features of the app, set of technologies and tools, a lot of different factors are important in determining how much it costs to make an app in India.

    As we already know, India offers a lower cost in app development as an outsourcing destination all over the world. Over the years, India has come up with one of the most competitive developing countries offering lower prices than Western and other international countries. The best part is, The bloom in the IT market,  globally known as a talent pool, and the highly competitive small business market made India the best and most trustworthy outsourcing destination. 

    Making a correct decision on investing in an app is also important to make you the cost to make an app. Apps in the app store that are free make up a massive 92% of all the apps. Though free apps are more successful ones, offering a premium version simultaneously with upgraded features can be effective in meeting the cost. In most free apps advertising is the most common way to make money. Let us discuss the factors affecting the cost to make an app in India

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    Key Factors for App Development Cost in India

    Calculating the cost to make an app depends on many different factors. Without considering these factors you cannot calculate or get an estimate of your project budget. If you are looking for a perfect guide to know how much it cost to make an app in India, it is always told to go through all these different factors. Let us see what these factors are:

    App Type:

    App type means what kind of app you want to make whether it is simple, standard, or complex. As each of these categories requires different costs in development. A complex app will cost more than a simpler one.

    Platform Choose:

    Platforms are referred to as technologies used in making an app. Whether it is hybrid, native, cross-platform, etc. whether you want an android app or an iOS app.

    Offline Access:

    Cloud computing and advanced localized caching allow app users to access features and app content even if there is no internet connectivity. This kind of offline access costs some additional amount. 

    App Features:

    Features consist of the actual development process. The time taken to include all the features is also an important factor to check when calculating the estimated amount.

    Number of Screens:

    If your app is big and has many screens then it costs higher and a low or less number of screens costs lower. It also includes the complexity of the app screens if apps are more in number but functionality is simple then no more cost is added otherwise it can cost much higher depending on the number of screens.

    App Backend and Architecture: 

    If your app includes much data or complicated security, with a complex backend and app architecture the cost of development is high. Creating a custom backend is expensive. 

    Third-party APIs:

    You can also use third-party APIs for adding different features to your app. Many of these third-party APIs add to the development cost.

    Design and Animations:

    If a project includes high  or advanced animation it is expensive otherwise it is affordable

    Cost of Maintenance

    We always focus on the cost of development and the different factors related to the app. But we should also have great knowledge about the cost to maintain an app. You can go for many hosting services like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Many of these are affordable and cost only for the services and bandwidth used by the app. 

    Another factor for cost is regular app updates. The regular security patches, features, UI/UX improvements, and other value additions can also be counted as a factor of cost maintenance. 


    The cost to make an app in India is lower than in other countries worldwide. Outsourcing in a country like India can result in inexpensive and rapid app development. Hope the above article on how much it cost to make an app in India definitely provides you with a brief knowledge of the budget idea.