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    20 App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

    By Nemi Mangal | November 1, 2023

    App Ideas That Haven't Been Made Yet

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, there are countless opportunities for creative minds to develop unique and innovative mobile applications.While it may seem like every app idea has been explored, however, there are still many app ideas that haven’t been made yet, or at least haven’t been fully realized. Here are 20 app ideas that could be the next big thing:

    Potential Benefits Of Exploring Untapped App Ideas

    🔹Finding new market opportunities: By exploring new app ideas, you can identify untapped markets and opportunities for innovation. This can lead to the development of new products and services that meet the needs of underserved users.

    🔹Gaining a competitive advantage: By being one of the first to develop an app for a new market or use case, you can gain a significant competitive advantage. This can lead to increased market share and profits.

    🔹Attracting new users and investors: Unique and innovative app ideas are more likely to attract the attention of new users and investors. This can lead to increased app downloads, funding, and growth.

    🔹Making a positive impact on the world:
    App ideas that have the potential to solve problems or improve people’s lives can have a positive impact on the world. For example, apps that promote education, healthcare, or sustainability can make a real difference in people’s lives.

    🔹First-mover advantage: If you’re the first to market with a new and innovative app, you have the potential to capture a significant share of the market and build a strong brand.

    🔹Profit potential: Untapped app ideas can be very profitable, especially if you’re able to capitalize on a growing trend or need.

    Identifying the Need for New App Ideas

    🔹Look for pain points: What are the problems that people face in their everyday lives? What are the tasks that they find difficult or time-consuming? Can an app help to solve these problems or make these tasks easier?

    🔹Identify trends: What are the latest trends in technology and society? What are the new technologies that are emerging? How can these technologies be used to develop new and innovative apps?

    🔹Analyze existing apps: What are the most popular apps? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What features are missing from existing apps? How can you improve upon existing apps or create something new and unique?

    🔹Talk to people: Ask your friends, family, and colleagues about their app ideas. What apps would they like to see developed? What problems would they like to see solved?

    🔹Look for funding opportunities: There are many government grants and venture capital firms that are interested in funding new and innovative app ideas. Do some research to find funding opportunities that are relevant to your app idea.

    20 App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

    Here we are sharing you 20 app ideas that haven’t been made yet or not being properly circulated around the world. This untapped app ideas list will help you to start your startup carrier. So lets check the list:

    1. Parking Space Finder App

    A Parking Space Finder App utilizes real-time data integration and location-based services to help users easily locate available parking spaces in their vicinity. By specifying their location or destination, users can access information on nearby parking options, including real-time availability. The app provides directions to the selected parking spot, making the entire process seamless and convenient, alleviating the common urban challenge of finding parking.

    2. Mental Health Companion

    The app’s AI-driven capabilities allow it to adapt to individual users’ needs, providing tailored recommendations for managing stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Furthermore, the mood tracking feature enables users to monitor their emotional well-being over time, helping to identify patterns and triggers. In times of crisis, the app offers immediate assistance, connecting users with trained professionals or crisis helplines, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking mental health support and guidance.

    3. Virtual Reality Travel Planner

    The Virtual Reality Travel Planner is a revolutionary app that seamlessly merges the immersive potential of virtual reality with the practicality of travel planning. By harnessing the power of VR technology, users can embark on a virtual journey to their desired travel destinations long before they make any bookings. This app not only allows users to explore 3D-rendered hotel rooms and vividly experience tourist attractions, but it also provides invaluable insights into the destination’s culture, cuisine, and local customs through immersive experiences. Users can navigate streets, interact with avatars representing locals, and even sample virtual dishes at local eateries.

    4. Social Wine & Dine App

    This app would connect people with similar interests in their area to grab something to eat or drink. Users could create profiles based on their dietary restrictions, preferences, and availability. The app would then suggest matches and allow users to start conversations via direct messaging.

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    5. Expiration Date Tracking App

    The Expiration Date Tracking App is a practical and efficient solution for helping users manage their pantry and fridge items effectively. By enabling users to scan barcodes or manually input product information, the app creates a digital inventory of their stored items, complete with expiration dates. This digital pantry not only simplifies organization but also helps reduce food waste. The app’s real value comes from its timely notifications, alerting users when items are nearing their expiration date, thus allowing them to plan their meals, use items efficiently, and reduce the likelihood of throwing away expired goods. It’s an essential tool that not only saves users money but also promotes sustainability by minimizing food wastage.

    6. Criminal Alert App

    The Criminal Alert App is a powerful safety tool that leverages geofencing technology to keep users informed and protected. Using real-time data and location-based services, this app can notify users when they are in proximity to a known criminal or a recent crime scene, helping them stay vigilant in potentially risky situations. Furthermore, the app goes beyond personal safety by providing alerts about missing persons and other safety hazards in the vicinity, encouraging community awareness and collaboration. By providing users with these vital and timely alerts, the Criminal Alert App aims to enhance public safety, promote community engagement, and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their surroundings.

    7. Contact Tracing App

    A Contact Tracing App uses Bluetooth technology to monitor and record close contacts between users. This data is crucial for identifying individuals who may have been exposed to contagious diseases like COVID-19. By tracking proximity and duration of interactions, the app can quickly notify users if they’ve been in close contact with someone who later tests positive, promoting early testing and quarantine measures to limit disease spread. It’s a powerful tool for public health, helping control outbreaks and protect communities while preserving user privacy.

    8. Real-Time Car-Sharing App

    A Real-Time Car-Sharing App is a convenient and eco-friendly solution that enables users to share their cars with others on the go. Users can list their available cars and destinations, and fellow users heading in the same direction can book a ride, sharing the journey and expenses. This app promotes carpooling and reduces the number of vehicles on the road, leading to reduced traffic congestion and a lower carbon footprint. It not only saves users money but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

    9. Food Recommendation App

    The Food Recommendation App is a user-centric dining companion that harnesses the power of machine learning to provide personalized recommendations for both restaurants and dishes. By analyzing users’ preferences, past orders, and dining habits, the app tailors its suggestions to match their unique tastes. Whether you’re looking for a cozy café, a fine dining experience, or the perfect takeout option, this app ensures you discover the best dining choices that cater to your individual culinary preferences, making every meal an exceptional experience.

    10. Home Maintenance App

    The Home Maintenance App is a versatile platform designed to simplify and streamline home upkeep. Users can access a wealth of valuable information, including tips and instructions for common maintenance tasks, ensuring their homes stay in excellent condition. Beyond DIY guidance, the app offers the convenience of scheduling appointments with trusted service providers for tasks that require professional attention. From fixing leaky faucets to roof repairs, this app is your go-to resource for maintaining a safe, functional, and comfortable living environment.

    11. Food Allergy Dining Guide App

    The Food Allergy Dining Guide is a lifesaver for individuals with food allergies and dietary restrictions. With this app, users can input their specific allergies and dietary preferences, and in return, it provides them with a curated list of safe restaurant options in their vicinity. Furthermore, it goes the extra mile by suggesting specific menu items or meal recommendations that align with their dietary needs. This app empowers users to confidently dine out, explore new culinary experiences, and enjoy meals without the fear of allergic reactions, making dining out a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all.

    12. AI Gardening Assistant App

    The AI Gardening Assistant is a must-have app for gardening enthusiasts and beginners alike. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with a wealth of gardening knowledge to offer a comprehensive set of tools and resources. Users can easily identify plants, receive personalized care tips, and virtually plan their gardens, all in one app. The virtual garden planning feature allows users to visualize how their garden will look in different seasons, ensuring they make the most of their outdoor space year-round. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, this app is your green thumb companion for a thriving, visually stunning garden.

    13. Crowdsourced Neighborhood Watch app

    It is a community-driven platform that transforms local neighborhoods into safer, more secure communities. Residents can actively participate in enhancing their safety by reporting suspicious activities and sharing vital security information. This app fosters neighborly collaboration and communication, enabling residents to connect with each other to address security concerns effectively. By crowdsourcing the collective knowledge and vigilance of the community, it strengthens the local Neighborhood Watch initiative, ultimately creating a more secure and tight-knit neighborhood where everyone plays a role in maintaining safety and peace.

    14. AI Therapist for Kids

    AI Therapist for Kids is a compassionate and child-friendly app that harnesses artificial intelligence to provide valuable emotional support and guidance to children. Tailored for youngsters, it empowers them to express their feelings and concerns in a safe and welcoming environment. The app offers age-appropriate coping strategies and emotional support, helping children navigate the challenges they face. By using AI to connect with and understand young users, it becomes a trusted companion that encourages emotional well-being, self-expression, and resilience in a way that’s engaging, comforting, and most importantly, designed specifically for kids.

    15. AI Music Composer

    The AI Music Composer is an innovative app that democratizes music creation and empowers users to express their creativity. It leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate original music compositions that users can build upon. With a wide array of editing and customization tools, users can shape their musical creations, adapting them to their unique style and preferences. Whether you’re a professional musician or someone just beginning their musical journey, this app is your virtual collaborator, inspiring and assisting you in crafting original, personalized music that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

    16. Mood-Based Recipe Generator

    Mood-Based Recipe Generator is a culinary companion designed to align your meals with your emotions. By analyzing your current mood, this app recommends meal and recipe ideas that are perfectly suited to your emotional state. Feeling happy? It might suggest celebratory and indulgent dishes. Stressed? It could propose soothing comfort foods. With a wealth of recipes at your fingertips, this app makes it effortless to whip up meals that not only satiate your taste buds but also align with your feelings, helping you nourish both your body and your emotions in perfect harmony.

    These are just a few app ideas that haven’t been made yet. There are many other possibilities, and it’s up to creative entrepreneurs to come up with the next big thing.

    17. Virtual Study with AI Tutor

    An app that connects students studying similar subjects and facilitates virtual study groups. Additionally, integrate an AI tutor that can answer questions, provide explanations, and offer personalized learning resources based on the users’ study patterns.

    18. Crowdsourced Public Safety Map

    An app that enables users to report and view real-time information about safety concerns in public areas, such as poorly lit streets, broken sidewalks, or other potential hazards, to enhance community safety.

    19. Virtual Mentorship Platform

    Create an app that connects experienced professionals with individuals seeking mentorship in various fields. Users can find mentors based on their expertise and schedule virtual sessions for advice and guidance.

    20. AI-Based Personal Nutrition Coach

    An app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ dietary habits, health goals, and preferences to provide personalized nutrition advice, meal plans, and grocery shopping suggestions.


    The mobile app industry is constantly evolving, and new app ideas are emerging all the time. If you’re looking for the next big thing, consider one of these app ideas that haven’t been made yet. With a little creativity and hard work, you could be the one to develop the next groundbreaking mobile app. The next game-changing app might just be your creation. Also you can contact us for you next app development.