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    The Complete Guide on How To Hire PHP Developers in 2022

    By Nemi Mangal | June 8, 2022

    PHP Deaveloper

    Are you looking to hire PHP developers for your upcoming projects and don’t know how to find them? Selecting the right programming language for your next office project is an important initiative to take. It will not only affect your web & app but also how to help you in growing your business in the long term.

    What makes PHP so captivating when it comes to creating websites? It’s easy to learn, runs on practically any web server, has a more than adequate number of Frameworks, and can flaunt an immensely huge community.

    Things to Consider Before Hiring PHP Developers

    Many web developers agree that PHP is uncomplicated to pick up, however, to build robust and effective PHP web and app solutions you might need a real professional. In this article, you’ll find out what is included in a PHP programmer skill set and how to hire PHP developers for your web app development.

    Skills A PHP Developer Should Have

    The skills of a PHP  developer are simple and similar to the skills of an average web developer. The additional skills necessary are writing clear,  maintainable PHP code.

    The backend web developer should be able to find out the website requirement, and errors in the code, implement database solutions, and add back-end features to enhance performance. 

    PHP developers need just basic skills but with deep focus. For example, A PHP developer must know how to work with PHP web frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel.

    They should also have knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP. Initially, PHP was not supporting procedural programming after its fifth release it is now supporting OOP as well.

    What are the Roles & Responsibilities of PHP Developer?

    PHP developers are responsible for backend web development. Technology like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS handles the front-end development of websites and web applications.

    PHP takes care of the server-side of web application logic. Developers use PHP to build backend components, connect applications to services, and support the front end by integration code. HTML is the language PHP developers work closely with. 

    Approx Cost To Hire a PHP Developer

    Thes cost to hire PHP developers depends on the resource used to hire them. A freelance developer can choose their own rate but is almost similar to the standard rate of a PHP developer.

    The concept of a PHP developer is Don’t Repeat Yourself,  it makes code modifying and debugging easy. They should know how to use PHP under this objective by creating objects and classes.

    In United State, the average developer can earn $89,003 a year as per recruiter data. And the salaries range in us is from $15500 To $136,500.

    In the case of outsourcing, salaries are much lower due to economic differences. A software developer in Brazil can earn R$85,751 which is equal to 26,852 US Dollars

    Where To Find Top-Rated PHP Developers

    Many people have suggested either going for online hiring sites or any company. I’d say that it totally depends on what you need. After you believe you have a cautious comprehension of how to hire PHP developers and what abilities to search for, you can peruse the following resources to find a team of developers.

    ♦︎  Freelance Marketplaces: You all are familiar with the freelance term, the most popular platforms are Upwork and Freelance. On such platforms, developers advertise about their availability for the particular field they are interested in and about the skills they have.

    Freelancers never commit to only your work. You have to pay them on an hourly basis. But when they are not working with you they can work anywhere else and you need not pay them.

    There is no time boundation with the freelance PHP developer. They work can work anytime. Working is done in flexible timing. But the task must be completed within the deadline.

    ♦︎  Outsourcing Agencies: You can choose the best outsourcing agency for a specific project. You need not worry about any hiring requirements for project development while outsourcing. You just need to set a budget with them and they will take care of all the other duties. Before handling your projects you must learn about the advantages of outsourcing.

    ♦︎  Job Networks: The most well-known job networks are Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Your responsibility is to write a clear and structured job description telling about your requirements and other benefits and all roles and responsibilities you need from a PHP developer.

    PHP in Simple Words

    PHP is a server-side scripting language, that is used to develop Static websites Dynamic websites, or Web applications. Code may be embedded into HTML code, or it can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks.

    Advantages Of PHP Language

    You have clearly known about various programming languages out there; you might be asking why we would need to involve PHP as web programming. The following are key factors of the convincing reasons.

    Easy To Learn and Use. PHP language is very easy to learn and simple to use. The syntax is easy to understand the commands are directly related to the function they perform. This help developer reduces development time.

    Portable: PHP is highly portable. PHP is compatible with different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac Os, and servers like Apache and IIS.

    Open Source: PHP is a free and open-source programming language which means source code is available online.

    Database Connectivity: PHP supports a wide range of databases like MySQL, Apache, and PostgreSQL.

    Flexible: Code written in PHP is flexible and easy to understand.

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    If your business goals are clear about developing a dynamic website to grow your business then PHP is the language for you. However, It is very easy to use, highly portable, and fast. You can Hire PHP Developers from different platforms like freelance, outsourcing, etc. 

    We WDP Technologies have an expert team of PHP developers for web & App development. You can outsource web & mobile app development projects to us. We will provide you with the best solution for your business logic.