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    How to Develop Taxi Booking Clone App like Uber

    By Nemi Mangal | October 27, 2020

    Taxi Booking Clone App

    Nowadays, running and develop taxi booking clone app like Uber is not an easy task as there are already many taxi service providers in the market. In the worldwide market, on-demand taxi booking app services are growing day-by-day. In a lot of places, people frequently hire a taxi for regular travel. Especially in metropolitan cities, people use taxi services as daily basis transportation. 

    Taxi services not only cut the costs but they also help to reduce troubles from traffic jams, refueling, and car repairing. So if you’re looking to develop a taxi booking on-demand mobile app, then this is the better time to go with today’s taxi services market.

    In this article, you will know about make a clone app for taxi booking app, various features, and the cost of cab booking mobile app solutions.

    What is a Taxi Booking Mobile App and How it Works?

    Nowadays, app stores are flooded with taxi booking on-demand mobile apps. The users can install any mobile app based on their reviews and ratings, services they offer, location availability, etc.

    After the app installation, the user can register themselves and can save any location, so that the user can book a taxi without adding locations in the future. Also, the user can select the car type and compare fare with the help of an in-build fare and time estimation calculator. 

    The cab booking mobile app solution works on 5 basic steps:

    1. Get requests from passengers to nearby drivers.
    2. Accept/Reject requests by the derivers. In the case of rejection, the request will be sent to another driver.
    3. After the ride gets started, track taxi on the map, share ride details, and check estimate time travel.
    4. Passenger can pay through various payment options such as Cash, UPI, Wallets, Debit/Credit Card, or any other digital payment option.
    5. Give rating ad reviews about taxi service after the ride gets end.

    Business Models for Taxi Booking On-Demand Mobile App

    There are two broad business model for cab booking mobile app solution:


    • Dedicated Taxi Booking App


    Dedicated taxi apps are made for an already existing taxi booking service or an owner who owns a number of cars. The business needs to develop a mobile app for itself and launch it on the app store. Promotion is needed for the mobile app to increase users and get more taxi service requests. 

    In this scenario, the users have to book a cab through these dedicated mobile apps, and taxi owners have to share location, price, availability time, and all other information with the users.    


    • Aggregator Taxi Booking App


    These taxi booking apps are similar to Uber that provides a platform for taxi businesses and owners to register their cars under these apps. Anyone with a single car can earn money with these apps. Register your car under these apps and provide taxi services to the users. 

    In this scenario, the users have to install the app and book a taxi with an estimated price, availability time, pickup time, drop time, various payment options, and many more features. 

    Must-have Features in Taxi Booking Mobile App 

    There are some general features that should be in a cab booking mobile app solution. You need to develop different apps for both passenger & driver and an admin panel to control all services and features.

    For Passenger App

    • Login/Signup
    • Create and manage profile
    • Check estimated time for taxi arrival 
    • Real-time tracking
    • Multiple payment options
    • View cab type and rates
    • Make advance booking
    • View booking history
    • Pay via in-app currency
    • Push notification, offers, emails
    • Emergency calling option
    • Rating & Reviews 
    • Help & Support

    For Driver App

    • Registration/Login
    • Manage profile
    • Accept/Cancel ride request
    • Update availability for passengers
    • In-app calling feature
    • Route Navigation 
    • View Ratings & Reviews
    • Push notifications
    • Accept multiple payment options
    • View payments
    • Withdraw earnings
    • Help & Support

    For Admin Panel

    • View/Manage drivers
    • View ride routes
    • Manage cab rates
    • Manage offers & discounts
    • Track cabs 
    • Manage/View feedback and review from drivers/customers
    • Generate revenue and transactions reports

    How much does it cost to make a clone app for taxi booking?

    The cost to develop a taxi booking clone app like uber depends on various factors such as features & functions of the app, developers’ cost, development platforms, etc. A taxi booking mobile app is a robust mobile application that should be run on all devices and platforms.

    There are so many users of Android and iOS worldwide. So, you need to develop different mobile apps that can run on both operating systems.


    Both Android and iOS operating systems take different costs for mobile app development. If you want to develop an iOS or Android mobile app, then your taxi booking mobile app might cost higher.


    A complex mobile app takes more time to develop and more manpower needed for more time. So, you will have to increase your budget to develop a complex app compared to a less complex app.


    If you want to add a lot of features to your mobile app then you will need to spend more amount for the same. It is always suggested to develop MVP before developing a mobile app.

    Development Region

    Each country has different prices for mobile app development depends on the development team, resources, and availability. 

    As per Statista, development cost varies due to region-wise

    • USA – $100 – $250 per hour:
    • Europe – $50 – $150 per hour
    • India – $10 – $80 per hour

    Hire Mobile App Developers to Develop Your Taxi App


    Finally, If you are going to develop taxi booking clone app like Uber then the best way to get a fully functional and advanced version of the taxi app is with the help of a mobile app development company. The best practice would be to work on business strategy, app marketing, and creating a taxi booking app that meets your customer expectation.