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    12 List of E-commerce Website Design Strategies

    By Nemi Mangal | January 16, 2021

    e-commerce website design strategies

    There are many e-commerce website design strategies that help to turn website visitors into customers. The shopping experience and shopping process should be as quick, easy, and smooth as possible. 

    Only online advertisement cannot boost online sales, you may lose many customers if you have not optimized your online store for sales.

    Many online shoppers left websites without making any purchase because of poor web design and worse navigation. 

    Here are some e-commerce store design strategies. Let’s explore to create great e-commerce websites.

    E-commerce Website Design Strategies to Increase Online Sales

    A creative and professional web design of an online shopping store is a vital part. It is a very important strategy for any online business reputation. 

    If you have less coding and designing knowledge then you should consider hiring an eCommerce web development company

    Here are some e-commerce website design strategies that will help you to design your e-commerce store easily.

    • Use High-Quality Product Images

    Provides every image in good quality so that customers can see how the product looks in real life. High-quality images will show how much you care about your products and customer satisfaction. 

    Provide some big and a variety of images with different angles so that customers can zoom into images to examine the product more perfectly. You can also use short time videos to provide a lot of information.

    Make sure images are not conflicting with the product itself. Use white background because it works almost on every color combination and it will give you a better user experience. You can hire graphic designers or photographers for images if necessary.

    • Optimize Website for Mobile Devices

    Make sure to optimize the website for mobiles and tablets. Worldwide, there are a lot of smartphone users so don’t forget about these potential customers. Approximately three-quarters of customers compare product prices on mobile phones and nearly 61% of websites are not mobile-friendly.

    With a responsive website design, it can adapt to any type of screen and operating system so there is no need to make a separate mobile version of your website.

    • Include a Search Bar


    It is one of the best e-commerce website design strategies. Put a search bar on every page on your e-commerce website. By doing this you can boost your online sales by 20%. 

    It helps to explore the website more further. Searching products from any page reduce the abandonment rate and improves the website’s usability.

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    • Write an FAQ Page


    You can give answers to the most relevant customer questions through an FAQ page.

    Around 83% of online customers look for some sort of support before making an online purchase. FAQ pages can also improve your website navigation with the use of hyperlinks.

    • Search & Filter Features


    Include search functionality to find a specific product by name. It helps customers to find what they are looking for. 

    Make sure the search functionality supports all types of queries such as product name, price, categories. Don’t forget to implement auto-search functionality. It will help customers to find relevant products.

    Also, implement a filtering feature to sort or filter products based on criteria such as price, ratings, brands, discounts, category, etc.

    • Give Proper Product Details


    Give customers proper and complete product information about the products so that they can complete their purchase. Show product description, availability, size, dimension, warranty, price, seller, the material used, and more.

    • Make an Easy Website Navigation

    Frictionless website navigation means how easy it is for the customers to move around the e-commerce website. The shopping experience for the customers should be seamless. So, the navigation of an e-commerce website should be in a good manner.  

    The top-level of site navigation should contain a set of well-defined product categories that the website offers. The products should be divided into categories and sub-categories. It will provide a good user-experience when customers go through your website.

    • Use Secure Server

    While online purchasing, every customer wants their personal information to stay secure. SSL certificates provide secure and authenticate connections between the server and the user.


    All data will be encrypted while transferring. With some security seals, you can show online trust to your customers. A trust seal shows the legitimacy and security of the website. Trusted and recognized seals assure potential customers a secure online transaction process, which improves sales and e-commerce UX.

    • Showcase Products on Landing Pages

    Consider your e-commerce website landing pages as a welcome mat for your customers. The designing of landing pages of an e-commerce website is one of the most essential e-commerce website design strategies. 

    Showing your products with a rotating banner is an old way but it is an effective way to attract customers and increase your online sales. 

    Also, you can use videos to build trust by giving more information about your products. As per the survey, around 58% of customers trust those companies who provide videos for detailed product information.

    • Special Offers

    For online shopping, customers always look for discounts, offers, deals, etc. Provide some offers to attract customers to purchase products. The physiological sense to save money while online shopping creates an illusion. 

    So, give customers some discounts, combo offers, deals, buy 1 get 1 deal, cashback offers, etc. It will help your business to boost online sales.

    • Show Recommended and Related Products


    Display recommended products to the customers that others have purchased already. Show related products that shoppers might also like that work well with the current products.

    This task can be done on a product detail page or in the cart. It will encourage customers to continue their shopping.

    • Make Checkout Easier


    It is another one of the best e-commerce website design strategies to optimize your online e-commerce store for mobile. By making a one-page checkout process prevents the customers from leaving before online purchase.

    According to a survey, around 83% of online customers say that the easy checkout process is one of the top priorities. So, make sure your e-commerce store has a simple and easy checkout process with the minimum required information.

    So, these are some e-commerce website design strategies and if you need additional help to build your online e-commerce store then connect with us. As a web development company, we have the best web designers who have top-notch designing skills and delivers the best quality work.