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    19 Free Intermittent Fasting Apps 2024

    By Nemi Mangal | February 21, 2024

    Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

    In recent years, intermittent fasting has gained popularity as a flexible and effective approach to improving health and wellness. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned intermittent fastener, incorporating a dedicated app into your routine can enhance your fasting experience.

    Intermittent fasting has taken the wellness world by storm. This lifestyle approach cycles between periods of eating and fasting, offering a potential path to weight loss, improved health, and a simpler way of eating. But where do you begin? Here’s a roundup of 20 free intermittent fasting apps that offer a variety of features to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Overview of Intermittent Fasting Apps

    Intermittent fasting apps are like helpful companions on your phone that make it easier to follow a routine of eating and fasting. They have timers to tell you when to eat and when to stop, and some even remind you to stay hydrated. These apps can teach you about intermittent fasting through articles and tips. 

    You can track things like your weight, mood, and what you eat, helping you see your progress. Some apps let you connect with others who are also fasting, creating a supportive community. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced faster, these free intermittent fasting apps offer different plans and can be customized to fit your lifestyle. 

    Intermittent Fasting Apps Market Stats

    The market for intermittent fasting apps is witnessing significant growth, driven by rising health consciousness and the increasing popularity of intermittent fasting as a dietary approach. Here’s a breakdown of key market stats and trends:

    Market Size and Growth:

    • Estimated value in 2022: US$ 427 million
    • Projected value by 2031: US$ 751.2 million
    • Projected CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2023 and 2029: 8.4% (Source: 360 Market Updates)

    List of Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

    These free intermittent fasting apps offer various features such as progress tracking, reminders, community support, and educational content to support users in their intermittent fasting journey at no cost.

    1. Zero

    Zero is a top-notch intermittent fasting app packed with features to help you track and boost your wellness journey. It’s been highlighted in Women’s Health, Fortune, Men’s Health, The Joe Rogan Experience, and other platforms. Using this app, you can set fasting goals, start timers, receive reminders, and gain insights into your daily habits. The expert advice from Zero makes weight loss faster and more effective. Plus, the app’s growing content library helps you discover new techniques to lose weight while keeping things simple.

    2. BodyOk 

    It is a straightforward and useful app for keeping track of intermittent fasting. It helps you alternate between eating and fasting at regular intervals, aiming to positively impact your metabolism and weight. The app includes features like tracking your fasting periods, monitoring water intake, keeping tabs on your weight, setting fasting schedules, and even syncing your weight data with Apple Health. It also offers a user-friendly app for Apple Watch, detailed history and analytics, and more.

    3. Fastic 

    Fastic  is a popular free fasting app used by over 10 million people worldwide. It stands out with features like a Timer, Water Tracker, Step Counter, Body Status, Meal Tracker, Custom Presets, and more. Users can compare various health statistics and see how they relate. You can create a personalized fasting plan that suits your needs, and there are three categories of intermittent fasting ratios: Gentle, Moderate, and Intense. Fastic measures key metrics such as activity, steps, water intake, habits, lessons, fasting sessions, weight, and provides a weekly roundup. The app has a monthly cost starting at $11.50.

    4. Window 

    Window is a popular intermittent fasting app that’s easy to use and looks good. With this app, you can track when you’re fasting, control your eating periods, keep an eye on your weight loss progress, and motivate yourself on your wellness journey. The app allows manual setup, letting you choose when your fasting starts and ends. Window doesn’t bother you with unnecessary notifications or challenges. To access all of Windows features, you need to pay a monthly fee of $9.99.

    5. DoFasting 

    DoFasting  is a fasting app suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals practicing intermittent fasting. It’s easy to use and helps track your fasting, as well as monitor your water and calorie intake. The app provides various well-known fasting plans and offers continuous professional advice from nutrition and wellness experts. If you’re unsure about your progress, you can check your weekly health report. This report shows details like your weight, calories, water consumption, and the number of steps you took during the day. DoFasting also includes features such as a comprehensive fasting guide, multiple fitness tips, and a visual dashboard that displays your fasting patterns. Importantly, this app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

    6. BodyFast 

    It is a popular intermittent fasting app based in Germany. It’s known for its innovative fasting plans and has become one of the top apps for intermittent fasting. The app allows users to pick a coach and follow their meal-planning advice. You can upgrade and take on weekly challenges to stay competitive and motivated. BodyFast provides coaching based on the information you input, such as your age and weight goals. The app is free for both Android and iOS users and also helps you keep track of your weight, body measurements, and hydration status.

    7. Sunrise 

    Sunrise Intermittent Fasting app is like a helpful friend that guides you in losing weight through intermittent fasting. It lets you keep track of your progress, history, and stats, giving you valuable information about your health. The app has features like live progress tracking, countdown timers, weight goal tracking, badges, and stats. You can also learn useful tips from curated articles and videos to reach your goal faster. It’s a user-friendly tool to make intermittent fasting easier for you.

    8. Fasting App:

    Fasting App is an advanced intermittent fasting software designed to facilitate lifestyle changes and promote healthy habits. Proven for fast weight loss through intermittent fasting techniques, the app offers various plans, dieting options, and a smart tracker. Its premium version, available at a nominal price of $4.99 per year, provides additional features and benefits.

    9. SoonFasting:

    SoonFasting places a strong focus on eating habits, allowing users to track food and nutrient intake throughout the day. The app features an AI food scanner for smart eating tips, contributing to calorie burning, muscle gain, and improved metabolic health. Users can create weekly diet plans and fasting schedules to maintain a disciplined approach to their overall wellness journey.

    10. Vora:

    Vora is a renowned intermittent fasting tracking app offering weight loss progress, daily fasting time, and goal timing. Unique to this app is its emphasis on community support, leveraging the motivational benefits of engaging with others who share similar goals. Available for free on both Android and iOS, users can unlock additional tracking features and coaching guidance by upgrading to the $4.99 premium version.

    11. FastHabit:

    FastHabit stands out as an ideal option for those wanting to explore different fasting plans. As one of the best subscription-free fasting apps, it allows users to maintain their intermittent fasting schedule effortlessly. Users can set up their preferred fasting window and initiate it at their convenience. The app offers seamless synchronization with Apple Watch and Apple Health for comprehensive health management. With simple features like reminders and stat tracking, it’s considered the top free intermittent fasting app, though a premium membership at $2.99 is required for more advanced tracking capabilities.

    12. Life Intermittent Fast Tracker:

    Tailored for tracking intermittent fasting schedules, the Life Intermittent Fast Tracker enables users to set goals and determine the duration of fasting periods. Particularly useful for those following a ketogenic diet alongside intermittent fasting, the app assists in monitoring the timing of entering ketosis. It also fosters a sense of community by allowing users to connect with friends using the app for mutual motivation. The app is available for free, but a $2.99 monthly subscription unlocks customized fasting schedules and additional features.

    13. Ate Food Diary:

    Ate Food Diary is a fantastic fasting tracker app that simplifies the process of maintaining a visual food diary. Users can easily review their food choices and their impact on well-being. Tracking the time intervals between snacks and meals is also facilitated. Notably, the app caters to social media influencers, offering the ability to share dietary choices directly on Instagram profiles. All these features are accessible at no cost, while a premium version with added benefits is available for a subscription fee of $9.99.

    14. Simple:

    Simple is an all-in-one fasting app designed to motivate users on their weight loss journey. Offering a straightforward approach, the app creates a personalized intermittent fasting plan based on individual body goals and requirements. Users can benefit from expert advice and valuable tips, making their intermittent fasting experience enjoyable and easy to follow. The app seamlessly connects to Apple Health for tracking weight, sleep cycles, steps, and water intake. While the basic features are free, users can opt for the premium version at $14.99 to access personalized insights, motivational articles, and in-depth tracking of intermittent fasting plans.

    15. iFasting:

    iFasting is a free app that helps track intermittent fasting, offering valuable features for success. It includes a journal for sharing feelings, daily logs for weight tracking, reminders, and a calendar to document body transformation. Experts recommend the app for keeping users engaged and alert during their transformation journey. While the app is free, a premium plan at $9.99 per month provides personalized fasting plans and a nutrition guide.

    16. Clear:

    Clear goes beyond being a simple fasting reminder app and aims to be a friendly companion in your intermittent fasting journey. It offers an inclusive approach with popular and efficient fasting plans. The app sends reminders for your eating and fasting windows. Developers regularly introduce new plans and programs for users, enhancing a sense of peace and well-being. The basic services are free, with a premium version starting at $2.99 per month.

    17. Rhythm:

    Rhythm is one of the best free intermittent fasting apps designed to support daily routines for intermittent fasting. It provides a fast and straightforward platform for tracking your intermittent fasting schedule and progress. Users can choose from different intermittent fasting variants available on the app. Setting daily fasting goals and monitoring progress is easy. Importantly, the app stops sending notifications once you achieve your weight loss goal to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

    18. Fasten:

    Fasten is among the top intermittent fasting apps promoting health and wellness. Combining features of a meditation app with water intake tracking, Fasten has become a favorite among fasters due to its high-end and unique offerings. The app allows tracking fasts with eight preset options and enables weekly fasting tracking. Customization based on individual intermittent fasting cycles is also possible. Ideal for those on a keto diet, the app provides access to over 200 low-carb recipes. The free version is available for download, while the premium version can be purchased for $29.99.

    19. Fastient

    If you want a straightforward fasting app without extra fancy features, this is a good choice. It lets you jot down your thoughts and any worries about how you’re doing. As one person online said: “It’s a simple and neat fasting app with everything I need, and it doesn’t have unnecessary stuff that makes it seem more complicated. I really like the note feature; it helps me stay focused on what motivates me.” If you go for the premium version, you get a bit more, like the ability to add pictures showing your progress.

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    Factors to Consider When Choosing Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

    When choosing a best free intermittent fasting apps, there are several factors to consider to ensure it aligns with your goals and preferences. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

    1. Ease of Use:

    The app should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. A complicated or confusing app may discourage consistent use.

    2. Supported Platforms:

    Ensure the free intermittent fasting app is available on your preferred platform (iOS, Android, or web). Check if it syncs across multiple devices for convenience.

    3. Features & Functionality:

    Look for features that match your specific intermittent fasting goals, such as various fasting protocols (e.g., 16/8, 5:2, OMAD), meal tracking, water intake monitoring, and exercise integration.

    4. Customization Options:

    The ability to customize fasting schedules, notification settings, and other preferences according to your lifestyle can enhance the overall user experience.

    5. Nutrition Information:

    If you want to track your meals, make sure the app supports easy and efficient logging. Some apps also provide nutritional information to help you maintain a balanced diet.

    6. Community & Social Support:

    Apps that offer a community or social platform can provide motivation and support. Being able to connect with others who are following similar fasting plans can enhance your adherence to the regimen.

    7. Reminders and Notifications:

    Consider whether the free intermittent fasting app has reminder features to alert you when it’s time to start or end your fasting period. These can be crucial for adherence.

    8. Wearable Devices Integration:

    If you use wearable devices like fitness trackers or smartwatches, check if the app integrates with them. This can provide a seamless experience and more accurate tracking.

    9. Data Security and Privacy:

    Verify the app’s privacy policy and how it handles your personal data. Choose apps from reputable developers to ensure the security of your information.

    10. Reviews and Ratings:

    Read user reviews and ratings on app stores or other platforms. This can provide insights into the app’s performance, user satisfaction, and any potential issues.

    11. Cost of Premium Features:

    While you’re looking for a free app, it’s essential to check the cost of premium features if the app offers them. Some apps have optional paid upgrades for advanced functionalities.

    12. Updates and Support:

    Choose an free intermittent fasting app that receives regular updates and has responsive customer support. This ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, and the app stays compatible with the latest devices and operating systems.

    How to Develop Free Intermittent Fasting Apps

    Developing a free intermittent fasting app involves several steps. Below is a simplified guide to help you get started:

    1. Define Your App’s Purpose:

    Clearly outline the main purpose of your app. Understand what features you want to offer to users and the unique value your app will provide in the realm of intermittent fasting.

    2. Market Research:

    Conduct research to identify existing intermittent fasting apps. Understand their features, strengths, and weaknesses. Identify opportunities for improvement or unique features that could set your app apart.

    3. (UI) and (UX) Design:

    Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Focus on simplicity and ease of use. Consider creating wireframes and prototypes to visualize the flow and layout of your app.

    4. Features and Functionality:

    Decide on the core features your app will offer. Common features include fasting tracking, progress monitoring, reminders, and community engagement. Ensure that your app caters to both beginners and experienced users.

    5. Development Platform:

    Choose a platform for development based on your target audience. Decide whether you want to develop for iOS, Android, or both (cross-platform development). Select the appropriate programming languages and frameworks.

    6. Coding and Development:

    Begin coding your app based on the design and features you’ve outlined. Implement functionalities such as fasting timers, progress tracking, and user profiles. Regularly test your app to identify and fix bugs.

    7. Community & Social Features:

    Consider integrating features that foster community engagement. This could include user forums, sharing achievements, or connecting with friends for mutual support.

    8. Testing:

    Conduct thorough testing to ensure your app functions smoothly. Test on various devices and platforms to address compatibility issues. Pay attention to user feedback during beta testing.

    9. Optimization:

    Optimize your app for performance, speed, and resource usage. Ensure that it runs efficiently and doesn’t consume excessive battery or data.

    10. Launch and Marketing:

    Release your app on the chosen app stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Store). Develop a marketing strategy to promote your app, including social media campaigns, partnerships, or collaborations.

    11. User Feedback and Updates:

    Encourage users to provide feedback and reviews. Use this information to make necessary improvements and release updates regularly. Address user concerns promptly.

    12. Monetization (Optional):

    If you plan to monetize your app, explore options such as in-app purchases, premium features, or ads. Keep in mind that offering a free version can attract more users.

    Remember, the development process may require technical expertise. If you’re not familiar with app development, consider partnering with a developer or using app development platforms that don’t require extensive coding skills.

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    Cost to Develop Intermittent Fasting Apps

    the cost to develop an Intermittent Fasting (IF) app can vary greatly depending on several factors, but generally falls within the range of $25,000 to $200,000. Here’s a breakdown of what influences the cost:

    Features & Complexity:

    🔹Basic Tracking: This includes a timer, fasting schedule selection, weight tracking, and progress reports. This falls in the $25,000-$50,000 range.

    🔹Advanced Features: Meal planning, recipe integration, community forums, personalized coaching, health data integration, and gamification elements increase complexity and cost to **$50,000-$100,000+.

    🔹AI Integration: Chatbots, personalized recommendations, and adaptive fasting plans using AI can push costs to $100,000-$200,000+.

    Benefits of Intermittent fasting apps

    Intermittent fasting apps offer several benefits to users who are incorporating fasting into their lifestyle. Here are some key advantages:

    1. Guidance and Structure:

    Intermittent fasting apps provide users with structured plans and guidance on different fasting schedules. This helps users, especially beginners, to follow a systematic approach to intermittent fasting.

    2. Progress Tracking:

    Apps allow users to easily track their fasting progress, including fasting hours, weight loss, and other relevant metrics. This tracking feature provides a visual representation of achievements and helps users stay motivated.

    3. Reminders & Notifications:

    Many apps include reminder features that alert users when it’s time to start or end their fasting window. This helps users adhere to their fasting schedule and stay consistent in their routine.

    4. Community Support:

    Some intermittent fasting apps incorporate community features where users can connect, share experiences, and provide mutual support. Engaging with a community can enhance motivation and create a sense of accountability.

    5. Educational Content:

    Apps often include educational content such as articles, videos, and tips about intermittent fasting. This information helps users understand the science behind fasting, its potential health benefits, and tips for successful implementation.

    6. Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance:

    Certain apps offer meal planning features and nutritional guidance. Users can access recommended meal ideas, recipes, and nutritional information to ensure they are making healthy food choices during eating windows.

    7. Customization Options:

    Many apps allow users to customize their fasting plans based on their preferences and goals. Users can choose from various fasting schedules, making it adaptable to different lifestyles and preferences.

    8. Motivational Features:

    To keep users motivated, apps often include features such as badges, rewards, and progress tracking. Celebrating milestones and achievements can boost morale and encourage users to stick to their intermittent fasting routine.

    9. Wearable Devices Integration:

    Some apps can sync with wearable devices like smartwatches, providing users with real-time data on their fasting progress. This integration enhances the overall user experience and convenience.

    11. Data Insights:

    Intermittent fasting apps generate insights based on user data. This information can include trends, patterns, and correlations, offering users a deeper understanding of their fasting journey and its impact on their health.

    12. Ease of Use:

    The user-friendly interfaces of these apps make it easy for individuals to navigate and utilize various features without complexity. This accessibility encourages consistent engagement with the app.

    13. Accountability:

    By tracking progress and setting goals within the app, users create a sense of accountability. Knowing that their fasting schedule and achievements are recorded encourages users to stay committed to their intermittent fasting journey.

    How WDP Technologies Can Help You to Develop Intermittent Fasting Apps

    WDP Technologies is an app development company that excels in crafting Intermittent Fasting Apps with precision and expertise. Leveraging their extensive experience and technical prowess, WDP Technologies ensures the seamless development of user-friendly and feature-rich apps. From intuitive user interfaces to advanced functionalities such as progress tracking, reminders, and community engagement features, WDP Technologies tailors each app to meet the unique needs of clients and users. Their commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the intermittent fasting landscape positions them as a trusted partner, guiding clients through the entire app development process and delivering innovative solutions that empower users on their fasting journey.


    In summary, free intermittent fasting apps have transformed how people approach fasting, offering structured guidance, progress tracking, reminders, and community support. With user-friendly interfaces and customization options, these apps empower individuals, making intermittent fasting accessible and achievable for users of all levels. Leveraging technology, these apps provide the tools and support needed for a successful wellness journey.