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    How to Hire Professional CakePHP Developers

    By Nemi Mangal | December 30, 2020

    Hire Professional CakePHP Developers

    Hire professional CakePHP developers for start-ups, enterprises, and large businesses are dependent on the needs of the industry. 

    At present, technology is the most important element for every business industry. 

    As a result, more competent and reliable web and app developers are required from reputed software development companies.

     In this article, you will know about every essential aspect to hire CakePHP developers.

    Required Skills Before Hire Professional CakePHP Developers

    CakePHP framework is open-source, strong, fast, and versatile. Many web applications and websites are running on the CakePHP framework. The developers must have some skills to work with CakePHP and develop projects with this framework. There are some skills that a CakePHP developer must-have:

      • Must have significant qualifications in the field of Computer Science
      • Strong knowledge of PHP language
      • Working experience with CakePHP
      • Knowledge of ORM (Object-Relational-Mapping) of CakePHP
      • Understanding of “Fat Model and Skinny controller”
      • Awareness of security and accessibility 
      • Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5
      • Understanding of code versioning tools like Git, etc.

    Php Web Development Company vs Freelance CakePHP Developer

    The cost of freelance CakePHP developers will be less but they don’t offer reliability and support services. Freelance CakePHP developers may have reliability issues and limitations in a specific technology. 

    On the other hand, PHP web development company offers better reliability and support services. These companies offer CakePHP developers who are proficient in multiple technologies. Also, they take care of their clients and their products. So, a little bit of extra money investment will help you to grow your business digitally with 100% success.

    Professional CakePHP Developers Hiring Process

    We have divided the CakePHP developers hiring process into three main sections that will help you to understand the hiring process.

      • Sending Requirements

    Write down your development or business ideas and vision into text documents. Send all the documents to the selected company along with some essential things like project budget, what you want to achieve, and your expectations. It will help developers to better understand your project.

      • Personal Interview

    You can know about the CakePHP developers via personal interviews. You can check their technical, interpersonal, and cognitive skills. It will ensure that your project is going into competent CakePHP developer hands.

      • Go Through Resume

    The company can send their CakePHP developers resumes so, you can shortlist the developers as per your project requirements.

    Choosing Engagement Model

    Three types of engagement models define your interaction with professional CakePHP developers.

      • On-Site

    The professional CakePHP developers that you will hire to work at your office with your team.

      • Off-Site

    In the off-site engagement model, you can hire professional CakePHP developers from any web development company. Those developers will work only for you. 

      • Hybrid

    This is the combination of on-site and off-site engagement models. Those developers will work from their office and can visit your office occasionally to work with your team.

    Select Hiring Model

    To increase flexibility and increased transparency, modern app and web development companies offer some hiring models so, you can pay effectively on your projects.


      • Fixed Price Hiring Model

    The CakePHP developers will work for you until project completion and you can pay for the entire work. 

      • Dedicated Hiring Model

    In this model, you can select and hire professional CakePHP developers and pay according to the tasks you assign them.

      • Hourly Basis Model

    In this model, you will get an estimate of your project and you can hire CakePHP developers on an hourly basis.

    Some Factors that Affect the CakePHP developers Hiring Cost

    You should know these factors before hiring CakePHP developers or a software development company. It will help you to save more money on your projects.

      • Experience 

    CakePHP developer’s experience may affect the hiring cost. So, you should measure the complexity of the project and hire professional CakePHP Developers accordingly. There is no need to spend a huge amount on a high experienced developer for a task that can be done by a less experienced developer.

      • Geography

    The geographical location of the web development company from which you are going to hire professional CakePHP developers is the main and biggest factor that affects your overall project costs. The development cost for any project varies from country to country. The reason for this difference is the economic condition of countries. 

    For instance, the development cost in the USA varies between $150 to $250 and in Asina countries like India, It varies between $30 to $120. So, consider the geographical location of the software development company from where you are going to hire CakePHP developers.

      • Team Size 

    Team size is also a factor behind increasing development and hiring costs. People hire more CakePHP developers than their actual need. It increases the overall development cost. You can consult with the software development company about your project scope.

      • Company Reputation

    The company’s reputation is defined by its experience in the software development industry and client satisfaction with their work in past years. So, a highly reputed company will charge more amount rather than a less reputed company. Choose a web development company wisely according to your project complexity.

    Where to Hire CakePHP Developers?

    There are some online places or websites from where you can hire CakePHP Developers according to your project requirements. Websites like GoodFirms, Crunchbase, Clutch, Extract, etc. 



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