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    Top 5 Mobile App Onboarding Tips To Increase User Retention

    By Nemi Mangal | June 18, 2020

    App Onboarding Tips

    For any business or brand, Develop Mobile App by hiring a mobile app development company offering the best app development services is easy. However, the real challenge lies in making the users return to the app. Well, businesses don’t merely want users to download the app on their smartphones. They want users to use the app frequently.

    Here are some important facts about mobile apps.

    • 25 percent of the users abandon apps after one use. (Localytics)
    • In 2019, 25 percent of mobile apps downloaded by users were accessed only once after download. (Statista)
    • Only 43 percent of users still use an app one month after downloading it. (Localytics)
    • In order to avoid high churn rates and boost user retention, it is crucial to building long term relationships with users. One effective way of achieving this is by providing a top-notch onboarding process.

    What is mobile app onboarding?

    Mobile app onboarding is guiding new users and making them familiar with the app interface and features when they download and open the mobile app for the very first time. The main aim of app onboarding is to effectively guide new users on how to use the app properly to derive maximum benefits. 

    • Creates a long-lasting first impression
    • Enables users to find key information or features they are looking for
    • Makes the users aware of the functions of the app
    • Encourages users to interact with the app

    A powerful onboarding process that is well designed is essential for the success of any mobile app and for improving the retention rate as well. Here are the 5 best practices that a mobile app development company offering the best mobile app development services must keep in mind while designing the app onboarding process.

    1. Keep the sign-up process simple and short

    It is important for mobile app development companies to keep the onboarding process fast and easy. Having a lengthy sign-up process is likely to put off users for the very first time and leave them frustrated. It is a must to give users the option to sign-up via. their existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This would make the onboarding process extremely fast and seamless.

    2. Communicate the progress of the onboarding process

    It is essential for app development and designing companies to provide the best development services to keep the onboarding process interactive by letting the users know how many steps more are they away from completing the onboarding process. This can be done by means of a progress bar at the top or bottom of the smartphone screen.

    3. Focus on the USPs of the app

    Companies offering the best Android or iOS Mobile App Development Services need to emphasize on the USPs of the app and let users know how the app can be useful for them.

    4. Provide users the option to skip

    It is a must to provide the option to skip all the steps or few steps of the onboarding process. Even if the onboarding process is short, it may not provide value to all the users, especially if they know the app. Asking them to go through the entire process can be quite frustrating. If you Hire Expert Android App Developers they will surely build an excellent app and include this step as well.

    5. Add a sense of personalization

    Personalization is the key to developing long term relationships with users. Hence, it is necessary for App Development Companies to offer the best iOS and Android Mobile App development services to add an element of personalization during the onboarding process. It may be as simple as greeting a user by his/her name.

    If you are Looking for mobile app development services that can increase user retention? We can help you, contact us.