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    OLX Clone App Development Cost & Features

    By Nemi Mangal | June 2, 2022

    olx clone app development

    With the high tech all around the world, people prefer to do all possible tasks online. Everyone wants to have good knowledge about the technology so that they can use it in their day-to-day life. In this technical ongoing world buying and selling of services is also added to the online world.

    From a small organization to a bigger one each one owns a personal mobile app for their business. With this enhanced technology, mobile applications are also leading the market. Developing a mobile app for business is not an easy task only a person who has knowledge about the platform to develop an app can do this. Also, not every business has the proper resources to get its app developed. So in this article let us discuss the market capture app Olx development feature and cost.

    How To Develop an OLX Clone App?

    The best way to develop an OLX clone app is to hire an outsource app development company to develop your mobile app. They have knowledge and experience with all working environments and platforms. This will help to save time and money. An in-house development team is only beneficial if you own a development company otherwise it is a total waste of time and resources. 

    Classified apps are in high demand ready to use app in today’s world. People have shifted to online shopping from a traditional way of shopping. An app like OLX is a must for businesses dealing in buying and selling. You can buy an OLX clone app script from the market or you can hire a mobile developer to help you in developing such an application. Make your developer understand the strategy and business logic and they will develop an app for you. Develop an OLX clone app for Android as well as for iOS depending on the target audience. Each mobile app has so many features that differ from one app to another to make it unique. Let us understand the features and costs included in OLX clone app development.

    Features of the OLX Clone App Solution

    Every app has some feature that makes it different from the other apps in the market. It must contain the latest technology features so that users find it interesting and you get more downloads. Having the same features as the already existing app will not make any difference for you. Because no one would love to have two apps with similar features. Features of your app must be attractive and overcome all the problems faced by the user. 

    We all know that there are many apps available in-app market or you can say that flood of apps is there. A single function is performed in so many apps. If you will find the health-related apps you can find a number of apps appearing in your list. But all of them have some differences similarly if you will find classified apps you can find a huge list of applications. Olx is also one of them and making a clone doesn’t mean you have to copy every feature you can add accordingly.

    Let us discuss some features of an OLX clone app.

    ♦︎ User-Friendly Interface: Users will only use the app if it is easy to use. An attractive graphical user interface is compulsory in developing an OLX clone app. An easy or user-friendly interface helps users to understand the working of your app. The user who doesn’t have so much knowledge and doesn’t have a proper education can also use these apps if they provide a user-friendly interface. This means the foremost feature required in an app is its user-friendly design.

    ♦︎ Categories and Subcategories: If you will add all categories in a single list it will be difficult to understand and find the perfect niche for a user. A proper categorization and subcategorization is the best feature that allows the user to easily access the benefits of the app. It will make users choose niche categories and add products to buy and sell. Categorization must be useful and proper so that your app works efficiently.

    ♦︎ Push Notifications: Evey user must receive a notification for every single change on the app. user must know if there is new stuff available or is anything sold out. This feature will keep you up to date on all the changes made in the app.

    ♦︎ Invoices/Bills: Invoices and bills can be downloaded after the payment is done. We know if you are doing any transaction online so all data is stored in your app but still to keep yourself safe side this feature is a must. This feature will help in building trust. If the bills and invoices both are equally important for the user no matter whether the user is a seller or a buyer this feature benefits both.

    The above discussed are the basic features of an OLX clone app. There are two different users of this app admin and user. Admin and user both use this app according to their requirement of work. App function differently for both of them let us study the features available for the admin and user panel. Features are made because the need for this app is different for both of them because both need different output from the app and are also used for different purposes. 

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    Features For User Panel

    ♦︎ Login/Registration: This feature allows the user to register easily using a mobile number or email. This also allows the user to register via using social media. The social media registration feature is added because everyone is on social media and uses them very frequently. Login with social media also hide personal information from other and everyone feels secure using social media login.

    ♦︎ Search Product: A search option is given so that users can directly search for the product by scrolling each page. It will save time and need not see unnecessary ting just type a single word and you can find the whole collection of the related search items.

    ♦︎ Niche Categories: Users can search through different categories mentioned and post according to requirements. Posting an advertisement in a niche category benefits more than posting your products in general categories.

    ♦︎ Uploads: Users can upload products and services with images and complete descriptions or other important details. Evey small detail is necessary if you can sell something. It helps the buyer to understand the services and terms and conditions of the given product.

    ♦︎ Payments: This feature allows buyers to pay bills using different payment options like a credit card, debit card, wallets, net banking, etc. Seller just needs to add a feature of receiving payment using all other online platforms. Online payment is preferred more than cash as there is no need to keep changing and easy to pay just with a click.

    ♦︎ Real-Time Chat: This feature allows users to chat with buyers or sellers directly. The real-time chatting option keeps good communication with your seller or buyer directly.

    ♦︎ Verification: A verification feature is added to the app so that users can verify mobile numbers and email to provide security and authenticity. All a user need is if he/she is using an app it must be secure so if they are inserting any personal information in it remains secure. This feature allows the user to trust the other party they are dealing with. 

    When every user has to go through the verification process there is no chance of fraud transaction.

    ♦︎ Customer Support: Proper customer support is there so that users can contact the customer support team for any queries like buying, selling, product/service details, payments, etc.

    Features of Admin Panel

    ♦︎ Dashboard: Admin has the right to check all activities on the dashboard such as advertisements, products, offers, services, and all other things. Admin has complete control over the app.

    ♦︎ Manage Customers: Admin will have proper control to manage the customer data. Admin also has the power to select buyers and sellers. Admin can reject coming from buyers and sellers. Any request which will look like not a good fit for the app admin can disallow.

    ♦︎ Analytics and Statistics: Admin holds the responsibility of generating reports as per business needs such as revenue reports, payment reports, user’s analytics reports, etc.

    ♦︎ Push Notifications: Admin has the authority to send notifications to the users of the app related to the update. Admin can send notifications to buyers and sellers about new products, services, sold goods, etc.

    ♦︎ CRM Integration: CRM integration is to improve OLX clone app efficiency and reduce time and cost for other operations.

    ♦︎ Order Tracking: Admin is able to track the order.  Admin holds all the authority to collect data, handle sales & orders, track inventory, generate orders, and buy orders. Admin has a full track until the order reaches to customer. 

    Cost Of Developing An OLX Clone App

    It is not an easy task to calculate the exact amount of developing a buy-sell classifieds mobile app. You need to understand what are the factors that are included in calculating the cost of mobile app development for buy-sell classified apps. These factors are:

    ♦︎ A platform for app development: Price depends on the platforms chosen for app development. iOS platform cost is higher than Android.

    ♦︎ App design: If your design is simply the cost of development will be low else the complexity of a design will define exact cost for your application.

    ♦︎ Features of the app: More and more advanced feature apps cost the higher. If you are developing an app with the latest technology you need to spend more.

    ♦︎ Team: outsourcing mobile app development teams also has different rates depending on different factors. If your app requires more manpower then it will cost higher else less cost.

    ♦︎ Location: Different locations have different rates. 

    Each factor has a different cost in different regions. Considering the factors mentioned above let us calculate an estimated amount for developing an OLX Clone Mobile App. It can be approximately between $10,000 To $40,000. This is not a fixed amount, If you want more features or advanced features you have to spend more cost. 

    Final Words 

    The above article has mentioned all the features and costs affecting OLX clone app development. Hope you all know the feature included in designing or developing an OLX clone app. 

    If you want to start your app like Olx. We have a team of skilled developers who deliver user-friendly and high-performance classified application development solutions. The OLX clone scripts app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. We can customize classified apps like OLX as per your niche requirements.