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    About Corppool

    We aspire to be a leader in providing to the commuters with means that facilitate safe, environment friendly, convenient, and economical commute-sharing.

    To provide an effective and easy to use platform that enables our members to safely connect, share the commute, save time, reduce cost of travel, reduce pollution, and avoid contributing to the global warming of the earth’s atmosphere.

    Customer Value: We put focus on continuous improvement to deliver quality solutions that provide value to our customers dynamic commuting needs.
    Safety: We focus on promoting a safer platform for our customers, and a safe work environment for our employees and partners.
    Fairness: We respect and value each individual and provide equal opportunity to grow, irrespective of the gender, position or the ethnic background.
    Social Responsibility: we inspire to be a good corporate citizen by promoting ideas that contribute towards a more greener and healthier atmosphere in communities we operate.

    Our state of the art web and mobile app applications provide a dynamic and user friendly platform where members have the ability to plan/define their dynamic commuting needs, search riders who are verified colleagues or coworkers, connect with riders you prefer to pool a commute, interact with the accepted riders on a commute, track an itinerary, complete the trip, rate the experience, and earn travel rewards and recognition.