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    About Crewoncall

    Crew on Call has been matching boaters with crew since 2001. We are a dedicated group of captains, crew, marina operators, boaters and a couple of tech guys that like to go boating. Long ago, we recognized the need to provide boaters with a resource to make boating better. We collectively know tens of thousands of crew from around the world, some better than others, but all with the same dedication to their income-producing passion. If you truly love boating, contact search Crew On Call for a better day on the water.

    Advisory Board
    The Crew On Call advisory board is comprised of a tightly knit group of Crew On Call crew, marina owners and boaters that have seen the benefits of having crew available and the positive impact it makes on a boaters day on the water. Industry leading crew with 100’s of years collective experience in yachting provide the needed crew perspective to ensure that we are serving the community to the best of our availability. Crew on Call crew are at the heart of our company. It is clear that good crew make all the difference and we strive to ensure that our crew provide the best possible service, ensuring a strong customer base. Crew On Call provides a robust platform for crew to find and communicate with boaters that can benefit from their unique services.

    Marina operators are always striving to find ways to improve customer experience, leading to more boating and a happy customer. These boaters require fuel and services and will utilize their boat more often which helps keep the boating economy flowing. Crew On Call marina partners realize a 26% increase in boat usage by customers that have Crew On Call relationships. Marina partners continue to shape Crew On Call to make it a simple, reliable and effective way for their customers to get the most out of their boat and the time they have on the water.