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    About Cvomia

    CVOMIA is really very simple and intuitive. First search for fresh jobs and when you apply, create applications and then manage your applications through various stages. You then take notes, interview questions and review the jobs you have applied so you don’t waste time & energy applying for the same jobs.
    And remember, you can create applications from job search results, manually, imporing from an external job portal or even by forwarding emails.

    CVOMIA brings you the tools needed to manage your job hunting more effectively. It allows you to track all your job applications and interviews so you can:

    • have clear view of all the applications submitted
    • track each application from start to end
    • easily identity old and out of date job adverts and focus on new ones
    • keep personal and interview notes for each application so you are prepared
    • analyse recruiters based on their responses
    • and much more