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    About Epos

    EPOS is an Service On Demand  website with three languages (English, Urdu, Arabic) that provide the service to customer at their door step using the GPS tracker and other service providers functionalities. This will provide the user complete solution on the technical part with helpful and best service near you. The app with provide the user complete support and feature like chat and tracking on GPS and other major working related to geo location.

    The user will able to rate the technician and can use the help desk support to further queries. The user will have the option to give multiple requests at the same time. Every user has a dashboard to manage the activities and view the details. The will be outsourcing companies and sub contractor who will be able to be the part of the Authorized support engineers. Every new registration in the support engineers will be managed by the admin and need admin approval.


    • Geo fencing and Geo Tracking
    • Tracking
    • Service Outsourcing
    • Geographical Coverage
    • Qualifier Sheet
    • Technician /User Historical request will be maintained as per client (Location data will be saved.)
    • Previous Request data will be maintained.