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    About Findmeink

    Find Me Ink connects you to new clients & gives you complete control of the tattoo projects you choose to take on. Whether you’re in your own studio or traveling for a convention, we simplify the consultation and booking process so you can spend more time actually tattooing pieces that suit you and your interests.

    What can Find Me Ink do for you?

    Artist Reps

    Find Me Ink’s reps are available 24/7 to help with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. They manually & virtually make sure your work is seen by potential new clients. Over 80% of your subscription cost goes directly toward marketing in your region. Our goal as representatives is to make you more money & increase your name recognition.


    Our consultation system lets you view detailed tattoo ideas, filtered by location, and pick the customers you want to work with based on whatever criteria you choose, such as subject or style. We help you be selective about the work you take while making you more revenue — our average booking during our 2016 beta was $367 from over 700,000 tattoo consultations.

    Digital Portfolio

    Customize your portfolio page with a unique banner to show off your work. Upload & tag images to build your portfolio and signature style to potential clients in your area.


    Protect your art! Use a personalized watermark or our default Find Me Ink graphic on any image you upload. This helps identify your work, deter price shopping, and increase your name recognition in the tattoo community.


    When you see a tattoo you’d like to work on, our in-app messaging system allows you to keep in contact with your new customer. Any shared photos stay at the top of the conversation thread for quick reference, and once you finalize an appointment. Find Me Ink can post it to the calendar on your phone for easy booking.

    Your Find Me Ink homepage keeps you updated on tattoo-related news in your area. Based on geolocation, the Popular page shows artists working in your area now, recently uploaded work, and new consultations.