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    About Gymhunter

    Gym Hunter is operated by trusted experts in the Fitness Industry. Our mission is to save you time, money and effort by hunting the right health & fitness services and products anywhere in Australia. We do this by breaking down your search information, services requirements and your location allowing you to choose the right service for your needs, thus showcasing the widest range of Health & Fitness Services and Products anyplace in Australia.
    Best of all we’ve already negotiated the best deals for you, Gym hunter advertises the businesses in order for YOU to receive fantastic offers.

    Our aim is to help promote the benefits of physical activity and exercise to people around Australia, encouraging their involvement at a local fitness facility. Gym Hunter will give the customer access to 1000’s of free offers, Gym Hunter exclusive deals with 1000’s of health & fitness facilities across Australia and other incentives you can find throughout the website; this includes all different kinds of gyms, fitness classes, personal training sessions, boot camp course a Pilates or yoga classes, Zumba fitness classes (and more).

    Our website also has a live Business and Social hub where you can ask Fitness Experts and anyone alike direct questions about anything fitness related. You can also view latest in fitness, blogs, upcoming health and fitness events, and a whole lot more.

    Fitness Trainer, Business Owner, Manager or Entrepreneur?

    As a Gym Hunter listed business your customers will be able to view your listing with your own customisable web page with all your information, including your location, photos and videos of your business, job posting, ratings & reviews, and offer an exclusive Gym Hunter Special offer…plus a lot more.

    Our educational and social hub will attract over thousands of fitness enthusiasts that will jump on our website and learn from the world and local leading health and fitness entrepreneurs who will provide members with free and paid valuable business advice and coaching.

    Gym Hunter is here to help your business understand today’s changing ‘digital world’ and Gym Hunter will provide you with the experience, and the technology to come up with the big ideas and to implement them in tangible ways with measurable results.