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    About Leigroup

    LEI Group Australia creates fundamental and immediate change in organisations, by providing world-class training and consultancy services in Lean Enterprise, Continuous Improvement and Business Transformation.

    LEI Group is the Australasian arm of Leading Edge Group, a global leader in the provision of Lean education and training, Continuous and Process Improvement programmes and Business Transformation initiatives

    Our aim is to help organisations build the internal knowledge and capabilities to implement organisational change projects, with measurable outcomes and real benefit gains. On average, the Group has delivered real benefit gains of 20%, across its client base.

    Originally founded in Cork, Ireland in 1995, the Group has grown to become a global company with local offices in Ireland, UK, Canada and, most recently, Australia.

    LEI Group Australia was formally incorporated in 2014 and operates nationally, with regional presence in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We offer a full suite of training and consulting services, operate across all industry sectors and have a growing and satisfied client and partner base.

    As an organisation, we pride ourselves on our human-centric values and strive to bridge the gap between theory and practice by empowering staff to become the problem solvers.