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    About Net Texts

    Introducing the Net Texts Android app, which lets students use multimedia courses customized by their own teachers instead of a backpack full of heavy books!

    Teachers can use our Web site (net-texts.com) to select existing courses or create new courses by mixing and matching items from our library with their own educational material.

    Students use the app to download and view these courses, filled with videos, slideshows, e-books, PDFs, text, audiobooks, and Web links. Whether you feel like reading the latest e-book your teacher assigns, or want to watch a video for your next homework assignment, you’ll be in charge of how you want to learn!

    Once downloaded, your courses are saved to local storage, so you can study anywhere without needing WiFi. The app syncs with the courses you have chosen, so you always get the latest version when a teacher adds new material to a course.

    You can open a Net Texts Item (pdf, epub, video, ect) in any compatible app. This allows you to annotate PDFs, view video while multitasking, and more!

    Net Texts researchers have built courses using Open Educational Resources covering Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, and more!