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    About policeneto

    Who is Police Neto?

    José Police Neto (PSD), 43, is in his third term as city councilor of the city of São Paulo. In 2011, at age 38, he was the youngest president in the history of the City Hall. Reelected in 2012, he held the presidency of the House for two years.

    In 2008, it was evaluated by Veja São Paulo Magazine as the best councilor in São Paulo. Received note 9.1, the highest among the parliamentarians of the municipality. He was also elected the best parliamentarian by the NGO Voto Consciente twice consecutively, in the first and second terms. In 2014, it ranked second in the ranking of the entity.

    Modern, innovative and prepared

    Police Neto combines joviality and modernity with a long administrative and political experience. He entered politics at age 16 and made an enviable professional trajectory. He worked for 10 years as a parliamentary adviser and chief of staff of the leadership of the government Mário Covas in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, experience that gave him deep knowledge of the legislative process. He also presided over the municipal directory of his former party, the PSDB. And was Municipal Secretary of Participation and Partnership in São Paulo and leader in the municipal government chamber in the management of Gilberto Kassab.