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    About Quiz Portal

    “Online Quiz Portal is a General Knowledge Sharing and Enhance your knowledge Portal. You can gather knowledge through NEWS, PLAYING QUIZES, STORIES, VIDEOS  etc “
    Sharing Knowledge is the Best thing into Todays eara so We are giving you a opportunity to Share your knowledge on Online Quiz Portal on “Share Your Knowledge” Module.
    Quiz portal is knowledge gathering and sharing application is a secure, professional web-based testing application and it is an easy-to-use, online quizzes &story , videos, polling distributed by  various categories like gaming, sports & entertainment news & latest feeds.
    It is an easy to use application for everyone. It is a user-friendly and intuitive online  knowledge gathering  application that provides detail data in every sector related to every fields .
    This application is developed from the scratch for different organizations as their own product adhering to the guidelines set by your organization. Create accounts for your candidates, rebrand the interface and set your own system.
    Solution is the place where quiz lovers can have fun, exhibit their quizzing skills, share  their knowledge and at the same time learn as well. You get to move up the quizzing ladder and attain new levels and compete with your friends and others.