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    About Superior signals

    This app will involve posting advice on purchasing Cryptocurrency. Admin would post the information and the users will receive a notification letting them know there is updated info and they can receive it immediately. This is just free app and the option to purchase a monthly premium subscription. This application will have news and different categories for cryptocurrency.

    • Front end user can just download the app
    • Check latest news
    • Check news based on categories
    • Get push notification of recent updated news
    • Register to get subscription
    • Pay using in app purchase
    • Add news to favorites

    The paid user will receive advice to purchase a crypto currency which we call a signal. When a user clicks on signals and they are a member it will show on the top of the tab open signals and closed signals. Open signals will let them know those are still good signals and on the right closed signals those are old and not recommended. Simple click on signals they will see 1 or 10 signals that have been posted for the day or week and they take that info and do what they want with it