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    Right Website Development Platform: Squarespace vs WordPress

    By Nemi Mangal | May 16, 2022

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    WordPress is the largest website development platform. It has powered more than 37 million websites over the years. It helps anyone create websites from scratch. It also helps businesses to scale batter through its CMS services. But, there is a new contender out there and things have gotten interesting. Squarespace is a website builder. And unlike WordPress, it does not have a standard content management system. Yet. the drag and drop website builder has quite a following. As it has a grip over the aesthetic value of the website. Here we discuss some major points which tell us which is the best website development platform Squarespace vs WordPress.

    While there are many CMS services around, WordPress leads the way with 63.3% of websites on the internet. Since Squarespace is the new challenger on the horizon for WordPress.

    Squarespace vs WordPress – Which Is the Superior Website Development Platform?


    Squarespace offers mobile-friendly templates in-built in the website builder. Every template in the website builder has a mobile view. It ensures that the website is responsive to all the devices that it is opened. It even helps you to test your designs for mobile devices right from your creation window.

    Though WordPress web app development may have some old themes that may not be as effective for mobile as the new ones. Rather than going for these themes purely for mobile-friendly elements, you can first use an AMP plugin. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are fast-loading versions of your web pages that are built specifically for mobile devices.  Enabling these plugins will help you build AMPs and leverage them through great themes to unravel the mobile-friendly feature. WordPress offers many such  AMP plugins for you to install.

    Website Development Platform:

    Squarespace is a website builder. It has several pre-built components for developers. It has a subscription monthly fee. It comes with several features like a drag and drop builder. It is an effortless platform for entrepreneurs, who can’t afford to lose time on development. Some even believe it to be a professional platform without the need for extensive technical coding skills.

    On the other hand, WordPress is a complete platform. It helps you develop a website from scratch. You can code your website’s features and functions. You can even use several different It allows you to create different types of websites. It helps developers create great features through plugins and themes. You can even create your custom plugins through WordPress plugin development.

    Ease Of Use:

    Squarespace is easy to use with all its ready-made components. It allows the creative side of any website to flourish. The technical aspects are not that accessible. Developers do not have to code everything and build a website.

    But, what WordPress promises is something more than just the ease of use. A WordPress developer can customize the website completely through coding. It allows the integration of several free and paid plugins to enhance your website functions. Though you may need a Professional WordPress Developers to build great websites, it is yet a powerful platform. Developers can leverage the backend to make the user interactions with the website core more robust. 

    E-commerce Perspective:

    As far as e-commerce is concerned, WordPress remains a clear winner. Squarespace is more of a website builder that offers more designing prowess. But, when it comes to the integration of third-party services, WordPress development is excellent. 

    WordPress web development for e-commerce helps you integrate payment gateways, inventory management software, personalized email conversations, shipping charge calculators, and other third-party services through plugins like WooCommerce. You can even look for WooCommerce development services to enhance your e-commerce websites on WordPress for better functionality. WordPress also helps businesses go global with multilingual features through plugins. You can even integrate currency exchange features for your e-commerce websites with WordPress plugin development.

    Design and Templates:

    Squarespace offers a wide range of professionally designed templates with modern aesthetics. These templates are highly customizable, allowing you to create a visually striking website. WordPress also provides numerous free and premium themes, with thousands of options available through third-party providers. WordPress allows for greater design flexibility and customization, but it may require more technical knowledge to achieve the desired results. explain

    Theme Customizations:

    Squarespace will allow you to customize to your with more freedom. You can visualize all your changes right in front of you. It allows you to add galleries, slideshows, video backgrounds, and others with just a few clicks.  And adds more creative capabilities with a custom CSS editor for the developers and designers to explore. It allows the developers to implement custom code to the templates of the website.

    WordPress offers more customizations than any other website development platform. You can change the custom codes of any template. You can even hire professional WordPress theme development teams for the same.


    WordPress is often considered more scalable than Squarespace, especially for larger websites or complex projects. With WordPress, you have more control over your website’s hosting environment and can choose from various hosting providers to handle high traffic and increased functionality. Squarespace is a hosted platform, and while it can handle moderate traffic, it may not be as suitable for high-traffic websites or complex e-commerce needs.

    Support and Community:

    Squarespace provides comprehensive customer support through email, live chat, and forums. It offers dedicated support for its platform and can assist you with any technical issues. WordPress has a vast community of users and developers, with extensive documentation, forums, and resources available online. However, the level of support can vary depending on your chosen hosting provider or theme/plugin developer.


    Squarespace operates on a subscription-based pricing model, bundling hosting and website builder features into different plans. The cost varies depending on the plan and features you require. WordPress, being open-source, is free to use. However, you need to consider expenses such as hosting, domain registration, premium themes, plugins, and developer fees if you require professional assistance.


    Whether you are looking for a website to promote your products or you want an e-commerce online store, WordPress outweighs Squarespace. It may be a little difficult to use. You can hire WordPress developer from a reputed Development Company(WDP Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), and you can create robust websites that are highly secure for your business.

    Squarespace is more advantageous for aesthetically pleasing websites. Where functionality is not important is the design of the website. It is why? Many fashion designers and photographers like Squarespace.

    But, as far as enterprise-grade websites and e-commerce is concerned, WordPress website development has been a clear choice. And will remain so for the years to come. So, if you are planning for your next big website feel free to contact us for wordpress web development services.

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