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    Tips to Hire Offshore Developers for Your Business in 2022

    By Nemi Mangal | September 1, 2022

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    One of the biggest reasons behind this boost in the IT industry is because of COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic period, everyone started working remotely and shifted to online work. Everything gets dependent online rather than offline. Due to this change, many IT companies shifted from in-house to remote work. 

    But the first question arises how someone will know if they should or should not hire offshore developer? If you are also thinking about the same then don’t worry you are not the only one many are there finding answers to this question. In the blog, we have tried to give a satisfactory answer to your question. This article will provide you with a clear idea about tips to hire offshore developers.

    Why Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

    Offshore development has a bunch of benefits that lead us to hire offshore developers for business projects. Let’s find out the benefits of offshore development: 

    Low Manpower Cost

    One of the major reasons why companies consider outsourcing is low manpower cost. Different countries charge different prices for developers and companies have a choice to hire developers according to their budget. We all know that developers in places like Asia, Latin America, and Africa offer services at lower costs than in the US and Europe. 


    For offshore developers, you choose your own expertise, skills, and experience. In short, you can be a developer who is an expert in some specific field. So hiring such a developer offers a huge benefit to your business and they will use this expertise and skills for delivering better results.


    You can hire offshore developers without any global boundaries. You can choose developers from all around the world. Choosing an offshore developer from another timezone offers you the benefit of working 24*7. 

    Manage Demands

    To get a progressive result a company needs to be updated all the time. Keeping yourself ahead of your competitors and setting new market trends with an in-house team has become difficult. Hiring offshore developers globally will always keep you updated about the latest technology and business requirements. 

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    Tips to Hire Offshore Developers 

    After knowing why you need an offshore developer you must know why offshore development companies are in demand today. An offshore development company has a team of highly skilled and expert developers to work remotely. These developers are available for you all the time remotely and provide you progressive results using skills and experience. These developers are certified and trustworthy.

    Define your requirements clearly

    This is the very first step to follow while hiring offshore developers but it is a very crucial and important stage. Find and analyze all the skills and requirements of a candidate. Divide all the requirements into different categories like tech skills, knowledge of framework and platform, experience, personal experience, and so on.  

    Filter these skills into two different parts: must-have and nice-to-have requirements. This will help you to identify a perfect offshore developer who can add value to your business.

    Finally, create a brief description including all the needs and requirements of your business. Use your list to describe what you are actually seeking. Include all the duties and responsibilities that you want an employee to have. 

    Follow a structured interview process

    The next step is to evaluate the knowledge of the developer. This process leads to an interview. Conduct an interview where you can check the different skills and abilities of a developer. For this, you need to prepare a list of all the important topics and questions that you want to ask them.

    This is not only to ensure that key parameters are discussed but also to help you to give a brief about the interview. The first impression is very important. Maybe the developer will not tell you everything but you will get an idea about the skills of a candidate. Create a few exercises to test the technical knowledge of the developer. You can not compromise the technical part of your website. After completing the technical part you can now move on to the personal interview to know about the personality of the developer and whether he fits your requirement or not.

    Conduct strict technical tests

    When you hire offshore developers you have to check their ability to write code. It is a very important technical skill. There are many tests that you can use to check their ability like – HackerEarth, Codility, and Talview. You can check the best one out of all which is the best fit for your business requirements. 

    A technical, test in which developers have to write code in real-time is the actual test of their technical knowledge. Check their way of approaching a problem, handling different issues, proper documentation, and comments in the code. You can always use these skills very closely.

    You can also use a real business case to evaluate the candidate. Your test should not be so difficult that a candidate can complete them on time. 

    Look for cultural compatibility

    There can be a possibility that a candidate who performed very well in a technical interview may underperform after a few months. Situations may be unfit for the work environment. Whenever you hire offshore developers keep this thing in mind they should be the best fit for the culture as well.  

    You should be aware of the values, goals, and objectives that are the characteristics of your organization. The best offshore developer has a hard-working attitude and values which will add productive benefit for your organization. 

    Establish a time-efficient hiring process

    Countries like India and Ukraine are where the It industry is blasting. This ensures that offshore developers will not remain free specialists for a really long time. A proficient recruiting process is very important. You would rather not miss out on one of the best candidates just because of the delay. If you think that you have found one of the best candidates among all, don’t waste your time going through the interview process. 

    You can also give feedback on the performance of a candidate in the interview. Even if they are not selected you can still give them feedback this will give a positive impact on your company on a candidate. 

    Give candidates a reason to work for you

    There is a myth that candidates will come for an interview and get ready to sign up for the job you have offered. But the reality is quite different. Demand for skilled offshore developers is always very high in countries like India and Ukraine which simply means that finding the best one is not an easy task.

    An interview is a two-way process not only do you evaluate the candidate. A candidate while giving an interview evaluated you and your company and tried to figure out what are the benefits of joining your organization. You must give the candidate a satisfactory reason why working with you will help them in future.

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    The above article defines the need to hire offshore developers. A proper process of hiring must be followed. There are many offshore development companies that have skilled and expert developers. Hiring an offshore developer is now considered a better choice than having an in-house team just for some small tasks.