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    Top Trending Programming Languages According to Github

    By Nemi Mangal | February 4, 2021

    top trending programming languages

    Top Trending Programming Languages

    Github top trending programming languages that have dominated the Information Technology Industry. Over time, these languages have been used to develop web and mobile applications.

    1. C# 


    C# is the most powerful and one of the top trending programming languages that used in .Net programming. This language is based on an object-oriented programming paradigm. Android, iOS, and Windows mobile applications are developed in C# and widely used for back-end programming. 

    Advantages of C#:

      • Have structure like the C language.
      • Incorporated with the .NET
      • Perfect for Windows application development.
      • Quick compilation and execution.

    Disadvantages of C#:

      • Less adaptability than C++
      • Takes time and effort for learning C.
      • Requires genuine aptitude and information.

    2. Swift 

    Swift language is used for iOS app development. Nowadays, iOS devices have a huge demand in the market. After the C language, Swift becomes the most popular and number one language for Apple. Swift language makes programming easier for iPhone app developers

    Advantages of Swift:

      • It is secure and safe.
      • A major source of future iOS app developments.
      • Utilization of modern programming standards and methodologies.

    Disadvantages of Swift:

      • Significant correction for each output makes it unstable.
      • Less functionality and connectivity with third-party tools and frameworks.

    3. Ruby


    Ruby is an easy learning language. Its main roots are the documentation of procedural and practical programming. It is designed to create proposals that people can easily understand and can fit into the engineering vision. The web-based applications which are developed and executed in Ruby are called Ruby on Rails web development

    Advantages of Ruby:

      • Quick production of web apps.
      • Simple, durable, Refined to unravel.

    Disadvantages of Ruby:

      • Because of a little run time, performance is affected.
      • With fewer boots, Stability is affected.

    4. GO 


    Go language is developed by Google and is also known as Golang programming language. This language provides a wide range of support for multi-threaded applications so that it is accepted by an organization that relies on shared systems and has become one of the top trending programming languages in the list of Github.

    Advantages of Go:

      • Developed by Google.
      • Easy to learn.
      • It is more secure.
      • Clear syntax
      • Fast processing.

    Disadvantages of Go:

      • No support repositories.
      • Lack of adaptability.

    5. Python


    Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2021and is easy for inexperienced to learn because of its convenience. As python is an open-source programming language, its development possesses a large number of libraries.  

    Designed with a user-friendly data structure, this programming language can be used for machine learning. Software that supports 2D and 3D animation is easily configured with Python. Examples, Inkspace, AutoDesk, etc.

    Advantages of Python:

      • Easily readable.
      • Reliable in nature.
      • Multiple platforms and systems supported.
      • No compilation.

    Disadvantages of Python:

      • Not for mobile computing.
      • Basics of programming are not available.
      • Some important basic concepts are hidden.

    6. Dart

    Dart is a client-based programming language that can be used on various platforms. This language is developed by Google to build mobile, server, desktop, and web applications. It is an object-oriented, garbage-collected, and class-based programming language with a C-style structure. That’s why it is included in the list of top trending programming languages on Github.

    Advantages of Dart:

      • An open-source language
      • More flexible for development
      • Easy to learn
      • Offers tooling support
      • Ensures enhanced productivity

    Disadvantages of Dart:

      • Limited resources to learn 
      • New to programmers with rare applications 

    7. Kotlin


    Kotlin was created by the Jet Brains group. Many mobile app developers state that the objective of this language has been fulfilled well. Kotlin demand is increasing rapidly. 

    With the simplicity of the relationship between Java and Kotlin, Android app development has become more easier and pleasant. 

    Advantages of Kotlin:

      • Increases the productivity of the teams 
      • Improved run-time execution 
      • Interoperability with Java 
      • Reliable and easy to learn

    Disadvantages of Kotlin:

      • Different from Java 
      • Slow compilation speed 
      • Limited learning resources 

    8. JavaScript


    JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that is used to develop front-end applications. It is one of the important technologies used for web designing and also utilized in gaming and IoT industries. Nowadays, most businesses are using NodeJs technology which is a run-time interface based on JavaScript. 

    Advantages of JavaScript:

      • JavaScript is quick.
      • Gives a more extravagant interface to a site.
      • Exceptionally adaptable.
      • Used for creating dynamic applications.
      • Easily combined with other programming languages.
      • JavaScript is the only prominent language for the web.

    Disadvantages of JavaScript:

      • Because of different web browser functionalities, the scripting can also be interpreted differently.
      • Permits only single inheritance.
      • The security risk for customer side contents.

    9. C/C++


    C/C++ will always be on the list of top trending programming languages because these are the base of all programming languages. The reason some programmers choose this language is that it is fast and reliable. 

    The language also includes a repository called the Standard Template Library that is used for a wide range of data systems, mathematical operations, and algorithms.

    Advantages of C/C++:

      • Facilitates reaching to the objects that are blocked by various other programming languages.
      • Rapidly program execution.
      • Preferred language for multiple platform applications development.
      • Efficient in performance and easy to understand.

    Disadvantages of C/C++:

      • Not competent enough to handle the modern coding challenges.
      • No functionality like garbage collection and dynamic memory allocation.
      • Buffer overflow and memory corruption issues.

    10. Java


    Java is one of the most popular languages that are high in demand. Because of its high stability, It is a significant choice for many businesses to build dynamic web applications. 

    Java is a tool for designing and developing mobile applications. It is used for developing websites back-end that experience huge human traffic like Amazon, Google, and YouTube, etc.  

    Advantages of Java:

      • Collection of open-source libraries.
      • Automatically allocation of the system’s memory 
      • The code is designed based on the object-oriented programming model.
      • Automatically clears the cache and cookies.
      • Supports distributed computing and multithreading programming.

    Disadvantages of Java:

      • Data structure quality cannot be created.
      • Expensive memory management.

    11. PHP


    PHP comes under the top trending programming languages and the most popular programming language for back-end development. Even Python and JavaSciprt are the most challenging for PHP, but the market still needs the best PHP developers.

    Advantages of PHP:

      • Comes with many frameworks.
      • Simple for making site pages.
      • Effective debugging with the Xdebug feature.
      • Loads of computerization apparatuses.
      • No shortage of computerization instruments for testing and sharing.

    Disadvantages of PHP:

      • Error handling is not managed well in PHP.
      • To enable additional features, extensions are required.

    12. Matlab 


    Matlab is an analytical tool that is used to analyze huge datasets and is also used in the image processing industry. 

    Advantages of Matlab:

      • No compiler requires for execution
      • High coding efficiency and proficiency.
      • Perfect for creating logical research applications.

    Disadvantages of Matlab:

      • It is not free.
      • Knowledge and experience are required to deal with intense compilation errors.
      • It is slow in functionality.


    Github provides huge information about well-known programming languages that are accessible to code. Each programming language has its own lot of advantages and disadvantages also.

    Moreover, if you are looking to develop a web application or mobile application, then connect with us. We have a team of professional developers who can build web and mobile application as per you business needs.