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    Vue JS Vs React: Which is Ideal JavaScript Framework to Choose

    By Nemi Mangal | August 20, 2022

    Vue JS Vs React:

    There are two leading JavaScript frameworks React and Vue that are used to convert tons of online projects into reality each day. So many people are confused between these two frameworks. Which one to choose for your next project in web development? Choosing any platform depends on a few factors that differ from one framework to another. 

    All business requirements and scenarios are two main factors for development that are used to choose which JavaScript framework to use for a project, React JS or Vue JS. Both are equally capable of web development.

    There are a few similarities between React and Vue. For example, Both of the javascript frameworks use component-based architecture and the virtual DOM, Both of them offer the use of props, and debugging is done using chrome tools. 

    There are several differences between these two frameworks for which we have this below article which is about Vue JS Vs React. Before reading about what is the difference between these two javascript frameworks let us understand the concept behind both

    React JS

    React was launched in 2013 by Jordan Walke. It is developed by Facebook. Facebook is known as the world’s biggest social media platform. In addition, it also maintains the popular JS framework. React is maintained by individual developers and various organizations. 

    React is also very much popular for building user interfaces,  It can be used for developing efficacious single-page applications. Other than Facebook, many other social media rely on ReactJS like Instagram, Codecademy, Netflix, New York Times, and Yahoo! Mail.

    Vue JS

    Vue was developed by Evan You, It was first launched in public in February 2014. It was initially used in China, but now this JavaScript framework is known globally as one of the best options for building web user interfaces as well as SPAs.

    Vue.js is an open-source project who hands over its further development and maintenance to the hand of its mushrooming community. BuzzFeed, EuroNews, GitLab, Grammarly, Nintendo, and Trustpilot are some examples that are used by VueJS.

    Vue JS Vs React — Which One To Choose in 2022?

    Career Prospects 

    Since 2013 and being promoted by Facebook React is a way ahead of Vue as the option for web development projects. Vue is very new and young but still, it is equally considered as React. 

    A few years back you might compare React and Vue as a developer in terms of a job. But nowadays both javascript frameworks React and Vue are equally popular and considered as best web development platforms.

    Coding Style

    After adding some elements of the functional programming paradigm, ReactJs depend on JavaScript Expressions which are known as JSX. Simply JSX means adding HTML code into the JavaScript Code. Everything which is included in the React framework is considered as a component by the JS framework. Each component has its own component lifecycle. For handling all these components React has come up with several lifecycle methods.

    VueJS has coding techniques that take much of the web development framework that was common before the occurrence of React. In the old way of coding web applications, Vue separates CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Like React, the Vue.js component also has life cycles. But when we compare both they are much simpler and more intuitive to use. In addition to taking some important features from React, Vue also succeeds in solving some of the issues presented by its predecessor.

    Community Support

    React is supported by Facebook, One of the world’s largest social media platforms. The most important benefit of this is that FB has a dedicated team that is focused on developing and improving React on a daily basis. Several products in Facebook are coded in React.js. 

    Due to the significant contribution of Facebook in React advancement as well as execution and advancement, the JavaScript library has collected consideration from the world over its whole run.

    Unlike ReactJS, VueJS isn’t upheld by any large association. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean that it needs local area backing or that it is less famous. It’s that the Vue people group isn’t really that enormous of React.js.

    Vue came to the present right around 9 months after React was acquainted with the world. Also, Vue stayed famous in its nation of origin for example China for its beginning years. It acquired a reliable worldwide crowd a few years after the fact. Regardless, it is doubtlessly set out toward significance.


    If you think you’re somebody who feels that documentation can get just better over the long run, reconsider. Despite the fact that VueJS is one of the newest JS systems, it displays documentation that is probably going to be awesome among all the JavaScript structures.

    Vue.js has been exposed to an extraordinary degree of recognition by various engineers for its clear and compact documentation. Since it is not difficult to filter through the ideas, Vue turns into an incredible choice for rookies and veterans the same.

    Respond follows the outdated custom of getting better in documentation over the long haul. At first, React was enormously rammed for its equivocal documentation. Fortunately, it is vastly improved now and the React advancement group guarantees that it will get better with the progression of time.

    Ease of Learning

    JSX, a fundamental part of React, at first requests some time and effort in any project for an experienced web designer. Despite the fact that it imparts a few likenesses to HTML, JSX is a through and through various way to deal with web development

    To have the option to do a ton with React, a web designer requirements to have a decent comprehension of other significant JS libraries. Regardless, React turns into a strong resource with adequate learning and practice.

    One of the best parts of VueJS is the means by which it is simple for a JS designer to get the JS structure and begin with it. There is an even beneficial thing for React designers changing to Vue that it offers help for JSX.

    For a JavaScript designer who has never even attempted toReact or Vue, odds are high that getting everything rolling with VueJS will be a lot simpler than beginning with ReactJS.


    One of the significant points of React is its Flexibility. For instance, React accompanies no sort of built-in routing solutions. In spite of the fact that we have a React router, a famous choice for routing, it’s anything but an official piece of the React package.

    For those not utilizing the React router, there are a few third-party solutions. Likewise, it is feasible to manage the high-level state of the executives to React with MobX, Redux, or another library to state your preferred board.

    This level of opportunity may be mistaken for certain newbies yet definitely is bliss for experienced designers. Then again, we have VueJS which is likewise an adaptable system. However, its capacity to be flexible is fairly restricted when compared with ReactJS.

    Nature of the Framework

    VueJS is a genuine JS structure. Its developer Evan You has expressed authoritatively that Vue is practically Angular with a few highlights stripped out to be lightweight and quick.

    Not at all like Vue.js, React.js is a library in fact. However, having structure-like elements that are persuasive to the point that it is viewed as something like a genuine JavaScript system is something else.

    Provision for Native Mobile App Development

    React Native came from ReactJS. It is a tool for building Nativ mobile applications using JS and React. As of now, plenty of associations depend on React Native for making strong and viable mobile applications. Examples incorporate Airbnb, Discord, Myntra, and UberEats.

    Any React developer can undoubtedly get everything rolling with React Native. Very much like ReactJS, the turn of events and upkeep of React Native rest in the proficient hands of Facebook. Likewise, the online entertainment goliath made it open-source a couple of years back.

    Sadly, Vue has no answer for offering development in the mobile space. Regardless, this could be before the long change as Vue has now worked together with Weex. FYI, it is a portable multi-stage UI structure from the Alibaba bunch.


    When compared with Angular, React is viewed as lightweight. Be that as it may, Vue is considerably more modest than React. According to the data presented by GitHub Gist, React 16.2.0 + React DOM has a record size of 97.5 kilobytes while the equivalent for Vue 2.4.2 is 58.8 kilobytes.

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    The whole process of picking between Vue Js vs React for a development project reduces to the specific situation as well as your business necessities.

    For anybody looking to build complex applications with the possibility to grow similarly in the future with welcoming more developers ready, React may be the go-to decision. In any case, Vue is the smartest choice while developing a basic and lightweight application.

    While choosing either Vue and React for just learning, you are allowed to make the pick as both are great choices to learn and progress in JS and web improvement. The previously mentioned focuses will unquestionably assist you with pursuing your choice.