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    What’s The Difference Between Hybrid Apps and Native Mobile Apps?

    By Nemi Mangal | May 16, 2022

    Hybrid Apps and Native Mobile Apps

    As we all know, Nowadays, almost all apps on smartphones run on two technology either iOS or Android. The business apps developed have two basic ideas on which the complete application work. One is using them to increase the brand awareness among customers or people using these apps and the another is using the app as a business itself. Every business needs to understand the requirement of mobile app development before asking to create an app for them. Choosing the right kind of app is all in your hand. Which idea to choose for your business totally depend on you and it can save your investment or it can also lend you in trouble.

    There are two ways you can choose any one them to develop a mobile app for your business: Native and Hybrid. There is a difference between these two methods in terms of programming languages. Each one of them has different advantages and both are different in roles and responsibilities. Let us study in depth these two methods of app development and the difference between them. 

    Native Apps: 

    Different Platforms use different languages to develop apps using the native method of app development. Specific language on a particluar platform gives an easy-to-use that platform.  Code correction can be judged by the error that a code contains if no error the code is perfect. Apps developed by using any language can only run on specific platforms only. Every method has its advantage associated with them. Let us find out the advantage of developing a Native App:


    1. User Interface: Native apps have the most natural user interface. There are many tools available at home for creating interfaces and interactions. Native apps are very much familiar to the user and help them to use these apps with ease.


    1. Performance: If the code is correct and there is no error this may lead to a high performance which is a big advantage for the app. The native app development method allows direct communication with the software and hardware of the system without any translator.
    1. Features of the platform: Native apps give an advatage to users that they can customize their preferences accordingly. 


    1. Tools: Native app development is much better than a hybrid. The tools used in native are excellent ability and abundance. They allow for better debugging and testing.


    The disadvantage of a Native app


    1. Time: The same code of the native app cannot be used on more than one platform so it takes more time to rewrite the code for another platform. 


    1. Human Resouces: To develop a native app for multiple platforms multiple developers are required. It takes a high amount of human resources. Every developer has specialization in different languages like an expert in android development may not know about iOs development.


    Hybrid Apps: 

    Everyone requires that their app should develop fast and also with a low cost of development. The most common feature of the hybrid method is it is cheap and allows the development of apps faster. The code used in developing a hybrid app can be edited later when used to work with any operating system of a specific platform. Let’s have a look at the advantages of using the hybrid app development method:


    1. Time: Hybrid apps take less time to develop than native apps. Code written for hybrid app development allows code reusability. 


    1. Market exposure: Using a particular platform is not at all a thing.  The hybrid method has great market exposure. 


    1. Cheap: Less number of developers are required to complete a project so it is less expensive. You can say hybrid apps are pocket friendly. 


    1. Easily updated: There can be many updates in a single month launched by publishers. Maintaining all updates can cost a little but these updates will affect multiple platforms so the cost is low. 


    Disadvantages of using a hybrid app


    1. Performance: As the discussed hybrid app can perform functions on different platforms and can be used by multiple platforms which leads to the delay in response time of a system and response time is the main feature of the performance. This delay in response time can lead to freezing apps altogether. 

    After reading the above article the concept regarding hybrid and native app development must be clear in your head. There is no rule of selection in app development you can choose any of these methods according to the business requirement. Read all the advantages and disadvantages of both methods and then choose the best for your business. You can find many web and mobile app development companies online you can also consult about your requirement with them and get your app developed with the best suitable method.