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    How Much Does It Cost to Create Dating App?

    By Nemi Mangal | November 17, 2022

    Cost to Create a Dating App

    In this busy working life, no one has time to sit back, spend time, find someone, and explore people by themselves. This has caused people disconnected from the world and find it difficult to create a bond with new people. The mobile app development company has found a solution for such a situation by developing a dating app. These companies create dating apps with the latest feature which allows people to find their matches and get connected with new people and explore them more. Mobile Applications have changed the way people find each other. Chatting apps or Video Calling apps have gained more space in this world. In addition to this people, have moved to dating app development to get connected with people. 

    The Download count of dating applications for Android and iOS from Google Play Store and Apple App Store has been growing every year. Dating mobile app development company is providing flexibility to people to find and connect, chat, and meet others with their taste. There are many mobile app platforms that accommodate people to choose the perfect connection and develop relations if they want to. After the COVID-19 downloading app has grown to the next level even beyond expectation. Mobile dating applications help people to find potential matches in seconds with gentle swipes.

    From the time dating app has implemented features like video calling and multi-level user authentication, people are installing and spent a great time finding their connections. These features are the main focus of a mobile dating application for its success. This ongoing trend of dating apps is increasing business growth. Most dating app development companies have planned the cost of dating app development. If you are looking for a mobile app development company for your customized dating app solution we are with a complete guide to tell you about dating app development cost in detail. 

    Must-Have Features Of Trending Mobile Dating Apps

    Before discussing the cost to create Dating App you must understand the features of dating apps. Cost is measured according to the features you are willing to implement in your application. A simple dating app will cost less than a dating app that contains advanced features and multiple technologies. These features and functionalities are ways to decide the success of your mobile dating app. Whether it is a native app or hybrid app development the most common feature of the app is user-friendly and simple UI design. Let us discuss the features of your dating application: 

    Required features for the user panel:

    • Simple registration and sign-in- It allows users to register and create a profile to manage the app features and functionalities.
    • Flexibility to access the app through social media accounts
    • The multiple authentication processes for ensuring high security
    • Create or edit profile feature to add or delete or edit personal information, partner preferences, photos, etc.
    • Push notifications- For sending alerts and updates on contacts
    • In-app ads for generating additional revenues from the application
    • Geo-location for tracking user location
    • In-app chat feature for encrypted communication
    • Send request feature to facilitate users to send the request for their interests to chat or date.
    • Private albums- To upload photos
    • Search and custom filters to find potential matches instantly
    • Develop both Free and premium subscriptions
    • Integrate the app with AR/VR capabilities to let users organize virtual dates
    • Empower dating apps with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to intelligently respond to the user queries instantly
    • Virtual gifts allow the users to send virtual gifts to their matches and strengthen their bond.

    Required features for Admin panel

    • User Profile management
    • Multilingual support
    • User location tracking and management
    • Features and functionality management
    • Screen management for monitoring the user’s switch to in-app pages
    • Create and manage reports and analytics
    • Tracking fake profiles and removing them for other conveniences
    • Push notifications management
    • Revenue tracking

    The dating app development cost in India

    At last, it is the dating app development cost that makes the biggest difference. Let us get straight to the point around a certain something. Dating application anyway simply looks, in fact, it includes a complex structure and an exceptionally complicated development process. Thus it, everything being equal, won’t be a low spending plan application since the assessed improvement time for such an application can be somewhere between 800 to 1000 hours. Allow us to examine the vital expense parts of an application like Kindling.

    • Single platform development that will include all the primary technologies like geo-location mapping, social media integration, and payment processing for advanced versions, will take at least 600 to 700 hours of development.
    • The backed support for such an app has to be rock-solid and powered by the most sophisticated mechanism to ensure faster response time to glitches and issues. The backed development will require at least 200 to 300 hours of development.
    • The design process which is crucial for such an app will take at least 100 hours comprising all the time required for wire-framing and prototyping.
    • The PM/QA process that will take care of testing and last-mile logistics before the application gets life, can take up to 100 hours of development.

    By averaging, the dating app development cost is $10 per hour, building a dating app will take around 600 to 1000 hours for a single platform and will cost $6,000 to $10,000.

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    The above article is a guide for you to estimate the dating app development cost for your upcoming dating app solution. You can hire mobile app developers from a high-tech mobile dating app development company to help you in completing your mobile app. We have experience in developing social apps is enough to be functionally ready to take a dating app. If you are looking to develop a dating app WDP Technologies is one of the best options.