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    How To Create Music Streaming App Like Spotify | Cost & Features

    By Nemi Mangal | June 15, 2022

    Music Streaming App Development

    Spotify is the most popular music streaming app among all others. It is a solution developed for single-stop music demands. This app allows users to listen to and access free music with unlimited online permissions. This app has songs in different languages such as Hindi Songs, Telugu Songs, Tamil Songs, and many more for the mobile platforms. 

    People use music as a stress reliever and many are connected over the internet with the music. This online app has made music a habit for many people you can find new to old songs over the internet. This app also allows users to download their favorite music and listen to the music later. 

    Spotify is the largest music streaming app having access to over 30million songs across all the albums and languages. The app produces a high level of music for music lovers over the internet. 

    Music Streaming App Development

    After seeing Spotify as a very popular music app many business owners decided to create an app like Spotify and started looking for how to create an app like Spotify at a minimal budget with demanding features and also searching for the best on-demand music streaming app development company.

    Steps for Music Streaming App Development Like Spotify 

    App features like – The main Spotify

    You must consider the features of the main Spotify app like registration and signing up, music organizing, music discovery, social sharing, push notifications, and a music library. These are basic functions performed by any music streaming app. 

    Licensing Type

    Music apps like Spotify have two types of licenses. one is Sound Recording License Agreement and the Musical Composition License Agreement. You must also choose the correct type of license for your music app.

    Find music app developers

    Find the best music streaming app development team to build an app like Spotify for you. There are many factors you have to consider before hiring an app development company. You should do complete research about your music app development company.

    Develop a Music streaming app UI/UX design

    After hiring an app development team you can now decide on the final view of your app. What will be the final look of your app that users will interact with? 

    Create audio streaming app MVP

    After completing the UI/UX designing part you must decide on the minimum viable product ( MVP )and other important details with your team.

    Features for Music Streaming App Like Spotify

    Before starting the process of development of your Spotify clone app you must analyze the features of a music streaming app. There are a few features that are incorporated into the music app like Spotify.

    Registration or Sign-Up

    The interacting registration feature depends on the business model you are working with. You can also provide a free and open service for your user that does not need any credentials. Many companies use the premium model. You must establish a user connection. So that you can ask them to convert it from free to premium users. 

    Search Option

    A search option is a very basic feature in the music streaming app development so that your user can search for the type of music according to their mood. Your app must deliver what your users want, so the search option is very important. This feature allows users to search albums, singers, titles, and many more.

    Playlist Feature

    The playlist feature is also a very important feature where users can add favorite songs according to their mood. A music streaming app offers your listener a platform where they can get access to their favorite songs as per their mood.

    Social Sharing

    To make your music app successful you must advertise it on social media platforms. You can allow your user to share their favorite song on social media handles like Instagram and WhatsApp direct messages. 

    Offline Mode

    Your app should offer offline mode to your user. When using offline mode your device’s local memory is used to store audio data.

    Customized Music Media Player

    Your user must be able to change the theme of their media player as required like dark mode, light mode, or any other. This feature will make your app more user-friendly. 

    Cost For Music Streaming App Development

    There is no fixed rate for apps like Spotify it depends on the feature you have included and the region where your app development company resides. There are many factors included before calculating the rate for app development. To estimate how much it costs to develop a music app like Spotify, check developer rates among regions:

    USA/Canada-based dev teams – $50 to $250/hour

    Western Europe – $30 to$170/hour

    Eastern Europe – $25 to $150/hour

    Australia – $50 to $150/hour

    India – $10 to $80/hour

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    The music streaming app development market is growing, and its revenue is expected to reach $17.50 Billion by 2025. Spotify is one of the most popular apps of all. It uses all the latest technology and provides relevant music content.

    While music streaming is so trending you can also choose to develop a music streaming app like Spotify. To achieve success with your Spotify clone app you must think broader and be a one step ahead of your competitor