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    How Much it Cost To Develop Hotel Booking Mobile App

    By Nemi Mangal | May 31, 2022

    hotel booking mobile app

    Traveler life has changed with the technology change. Every traveler has changed technology from desktop to mobile. Some business people think that having a responsive website is enough for the growth of the business but this is not right. Only a responsive website is not the only thing you need for the growth of your business. No one would love to bring a laptop or tablet while going on a trip. Mobile is the only way left for communication and information. Cellphones are the easiest approach or getting information and getting connected to friends and family.

    There are many ways for planning trips mobile apps are one of them. You can use these mobile applications for planning the trip, getting ideas to find places to visit from other fellow travelers, buying tickets, and finding homestays. The latest technology has brought new updates to make traveling easy and comfortable. They can get the best deals and compare between many hotels and plan ideas to find a perfect trip, adventures, and the greatest experience. All these ready to use apps acquire the entire business nowadays.

    Thes mobile applications or travel planning are easy for users but not for business. Like hotel operators will not find it that comfortable. The market competition is running to the next level and hotel operators need different help from these mobile apps they are useful somehow. Hotel businesses have chosen mobile apps over the best services to the customers and attract more clients. You must be thinking about how much it costs in making a hotel booking mobile app

    Factor To Calculate Cost to Develop Hotel Booking Mobile App

    Hotel Booking Mobile App

    There is no fixed rate for developing a mobile app there is a different price for each mobile app. Cost is calculated after checking different criteria. The cost of an app is influenced by many things. Applications are built on different platforms and who is building them is also a feature of calculating the cost of a mobile app. The most essential factors in calculating the cost of hotel booking mobile app are: 

    1. Team Building App
    2. Platform Of Development
    3. Features
    4. Post Development Support

    Let us analyze and study how these features can affect the cost of hotel booking mobile app.

    Team Developing Mobile App: 

    Finding a perfect team of developers for your app is not an easy task. There are so many companies offering outsourcing mobile app development at different prices and advantages. These companies are situated at different locations, deal in different languages, and due to location time zone is also different and may more. If you once sign a contract with a company there is no way you can go back.

    You have to be very careful before choosing a team for your business application development. Do a deep study about different companies and their history. Go through the review and check the applications they have already made or availability on the app store and google play market. And their reputation is good or not? Do they have great experience in building similar applications? 

    Platform used for development:

    When you finally got a team perfect for your mobile app the next step is to choose the platform where you want to develop your mobile app. Whether you want to go with iOS or Android. The platform you choose is decided according to the need of your business. It also depends on the target if your target area audiences are using android then you can choose the Android platform if the majority of the target audience is using iOS then you can choose the iOS platform for your app development. 

    Choosing an android platform is a little higher in price than iOS. it also requires time for successful app development. Making your app run according to all the devices is a little harder. We at WDP Technologies use native applications for all platforms. our mobile app developer team endure that your app must be high performance and have an excellent design that meets all your business needs. 

    Features of Hotel Booking App

    Features of Hotel Booking App

    ♦︎ Authorization: It is very important to give a user opportunity to get connected to the application using an email or any social network account.

    ♦︎ Profile: Where a user can fill in all the required information and keep a track of their history.

    ♦︎ Search: It is one of the most important features you must include in your app, Where users can search for anything like places to visit, availability of resources, hotels, etc. Also, they can check for dates for check-in and check-out.

    ♦︎ Room Page: The user must be able to see the full room. Like interiors, facilities, services, view from the room, etc.

    ♦︎ Booking: Booking is the base of hotel applications. After users have chosen a room of their choice the next step is to book it.

    ♦︎ Saved places: When users search for a place there must be an option for saving that place for the future. so that users did does not need to do the whole process all the time they can first check their saved places.

    ♦︎ Travel guide: If you want your app to be perfect in all sense you must provide a travel guide for the user. This will help them to find the best suitable place for traveling.

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    Cost Estimation to Develop Hotel Booking Mobile App

    There is no calculated figure that in this time an app will get completed. Process of developing a perfect hotel booking application. Developing an app doesn’t have a fixed price it depends on what features and requirements are there for developing that application. It can take 2-4 months in completing an app may be more or less depending on the platform or technology.

    • North America – $100-150 

    • Western Europe – $45-75 

    • Eastern Europe – $20-35 

    • Asia Pacific – $15-20

    The process of making an app is 

    1. Planning for the project
    2. Designing for iOS and Android
    3. Developing iOS application
    4. Developing Android application
    5. Backend part development
    6. Testing

    Final Words

    All we can say is that there is no fixed rate of development of an app you can only define in approximate time that in this time an app cam gets complete. Our estimation says that Hotel Booking  Mobile App could take 2-4 months in completing. There are many factors on which the budget of mobile app development depends. if you want to develop a mobile application a proper budget and time are required. You can also hire mobile app developer for your business app from a well-known company(WDP Technologies).