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    Latest Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

    By Nemi Mangal | May 17, 2022

    Latest Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

    The future of digital business depends on cross-platform app development. After this worst situation of covid, every business requires an app for themself to run successfully in any situation. There are many benefits of developing a cross-platform app for your digital business. If you don’t have too much of many apps developments are the best solution for you to run your online business even on a low budget. Write ones run anywhere is the best definition of cross-platform apps. These little apps can run on multiple platforms like android, iOS, and windows just with a single piece of code. 

    Cross-platform has come up with different advantages for business owners and a great opportunity for outsourcing development companies. It is cost and time-saving. These cross-platform apps are used by almost everyone in the market because they are can be easily downloaded and used by anyone anywhere or on different smartphones. The cost and time are not the only advantages of cross-platform app development there are many more. When we talk about native app development the code is not reusable and for the different platforms, a new code is written from the start to the end.  A different team is required for different platforms and it leads to high maintenance. 

    Cross-platform app development overcomes the disadvantage of native app development. Unlike native app development it does not require a different team for each platform because it is platform friendly. This can also be a reason why people choose cross-platform app development over native. Anyone can reach out to outsource app development companies to get high-quality apps at competitive prices. Entrepreneurs, startups, small to medium enterprises, and anybody nowadays prefer to have a cross-platform app. Let us understand what are the different cross-platform app development frameworks. 


    The flutter platform is used by the developer with the thought that what they can build for the user platform is not the main concern. In the past few years, flutter has become a very popular app development platform. The reason for flutter becoming popular is its features. Let us see what the features of flutter development that made it so popular:

    1. Less coding:

      Dart is used in flutter development which is a strongly typed and object-oriented programming language. It does not need a javascript to develop code so it takes less time. The percentage of code reusability in flutter is 80%. The code can be used to develop different apps on different platforms.

    2. High Performance:

      High-quality performance is given by flutter apps. This is why flutter app development services are so popular and so many companies have started outsourcing also. A cost-effective and high-performance app is all a customer wants. 

    3. Hot-reload:

      Hot-reload feature of the flutter is very different and unique every change you made can be seen at the same time without reloading the entire app. Every little change can be seen by using the hot-reload feature.

    4. Time and cost-saving:

      A single code can be used multiple times which has a direct effect on time and cost. It is a cost and time-effective approach. 

    React Native:

    Another most popular cross-platform development is reacted, native. It is developed by Facebook. It was initially used as a platform to develop Facebook products. Developers find this a very interesting framework so they decided to outsource it. Now it is used by around 38% of developers worldwide. 

    React Native App Development, as a cross-development platform allows to reuse of the code. The maximum code is the same still react-native allowing the developer to write some platform-specific code to create a customized app for that particluar platform. This means that a particular part of code will look native and also provide high performance.