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    Must Have Mobile App Features For Online eCommerce Store

    By Nemi Mangal | September 16, 2022

    mobile app features

    ECommerce apps have emerged as a lifestyle choice, particularly with a wide organization of purchasers being technologically savvy. Also, humans found it a lot easier to shop online. This is where the eCommerce store gets a raise. And, after the period of the pandemic, this has become a necessary luxury. Plus, eliminate the trouble of turning in your laptop and logging in with only a touch, bringing online shopping to your fingertips. So say, the increased number of the mobile app users have added a great boost to the eCommerce industry.

    ECommerce apps at the moment are everywhere. Businesses have leveraged the purchasing behavior of the modern consumer.There are around 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide, which provides an excellent number of shares in the market and great strength for eCommerce applications.

    To understand the facts,  mobile traffic has increased exponentially from 0.7% to 52.2% from 2009 to 2018. Almost 93% of millennial users have used their smartphones to make comparisons on online deals in 2018, and this particular number is growing gradually that day. What are the most interesting mobile app features that make users across the world spend approximately 18 billion hours on online eCommerce stores in a single year? It is not even imagined what made it achieve with the wonderful combo of smartphones and eCommerce apps.

    Top 10 E-Commerce Mobile App Features

    We also know that there are a number of e-commerce applications in the market today. Some find it difficult to survive and some are growing smoothly. In the end, it depends on how an online eCommerce app is to stand in for the users and deliver them exactly what they are looking for.

    Let us understand the most common mobile app features that must be included while making an eCommerce app for your business

    1. One-Step Registration 

    An easy registration or signup process is always an attractive feature for the customers. Make the registration process very easy by allowing users to log in via email, phone number with OTP, and even using external accounts like Google and Facebook. As an easy point to enter the online store makes your user happy. Confusion-free access to the application converts to fewer customers leaving and higher sales volume.

    2. Advanced Search Capabilities 

    This feature in the eCommerce apps with an exclusive catalog of products. You must make sure that the user must get what they want from you. Allow users to search by applying different sortings and filters. It gradually reduces the number of steps for a customer to find the product they are looking for without even exploring the whole store. This will for sure increase the conversion rate and deliver a positive consumer experience. It will also increase the number of customers revisiting your app and loyalty toward your brand. 

    3. Detailed Product Information 

    Long and very detailed information about the product is not needed on your app as it is a fact that a good product is always represented or examined with the quality of its images. A good image has enough potential to attract its customers. After all, no one has time to read a long description of the product before buying it. But the description is also very important, mobile or desktop. What if your vision wants to know more about the product details? Do you want them to visit the desktop to know the app or the particular product?  Providing an informative description for your product reduces the probability of impulsive product purchases, client dissatisfaction, and product returns.

    4. Augmented Reality 

    Showing your products in the real-world context is what augmented reality supplies your eCommerce app with. This mobile app feature has been in the market for a very long time,  but some brands like IKEA have launched augmented reality in the eCommerce world. It is an advantage to have your product and try it before buying. The consumer loves this concept of augmented reality in the world of online shopping as it allows you to filter and understand the actual quality of the products before buying. 

    5. Wishlist

    One of the essential mobile app features that you must have is a wishlist in your eCommerce mobile app. It is a section where your users add products they like while browsing the app and can buy later. It is a habit of users to keep visiting the wishlist even after buying some products from the same list. This feature will increase revisit and brand loyalty. Customers usually like to mark products without adding them to their shopping carts. It can also be used as a way to send users a notification about the products they have saved in their wishlist and this will help you to increase your sales.

    6. Personalized Customer Experience

    Once your customer is done browsing products on the internet and have completed the purchase, it is suggested to deliver relevant product offers and recommendations to them. Many retailers use experienced recommendation engines to get personalization. It is very easy to gather your customers toward products, offers, and discounts that are of their choice, leading to a predictable conversion. Personalized content helps you in increasing the business reach and growing customer engagement with the brand. 

    7. Super-Fast Checkout 

    The process of checkout must be very easy and should be done in fewer steps. your user must not feel any kind of trouble while checking out. Customers should be able to complete the transaction in minimum time and with fewer efforts.

    8. Multiple Payment Methods

    People prefer different payment modes, Just a lesser number of payment options is not good enough. Users must be able to make payments via different options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. The payment provider  must support multiple currencies and international payments

    9. Product Reviews

    Like an eCommerce website, users must be able to read the product and reviews. Customer ratings and reviews act as a driving force in the eCommerce industry. Providing more information to your customer to choose their product and make an instant decision. When a customer submits any review it will give you an overview of the satisfaction of your user

    10. Managing Orders And Returns

    After this smooth journey of purchase, your consumer must be able to handle all the purchases and returns. You must provide them with details about their past and current purchase with their app dashboard. this will help you to gather more customers 

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    You May Also Consider These Advanced  Mobile App Features

    • Personalized Customer Experience
    • Offline Functionalities
    • App Reviews
    • Push Notifications
    • Progress Bar
    • One-Touch Customer Support

    Ios & Android Ecommerce App Development

    Regardless of the fact of what your product is, you must provide portability for the customer to reach them. In today’s world, it is very flexible and easy. Every one out there is mobile-centric. It is necessary to assure that your  ECommerce App must support both iOS and Android. It will attract a larger number of customers. You can trust us that half of the world is now shopping with mobile. No one believes in going out shopping. 

    Before you decide to build an eCommerce mobile app, find the best mobile app developer who can help you in achieving your business goals. Hire app developers who are experienced in developing all kinds of apps. 

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    You can choose all discussed mobile app features or you can only select a few of them that you want to provide to your customers in your eCommerce app. Analyze what you are looking to earn from your mobile app and which feature will do that for you. You can start with fewer features and can launch others in the different phases of your eCommerce mobile app development.