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Uber clone

We offer customization of Uber like solution development at an estimated price. We take care quality of the Solution  which is expected from your end. We develop and deliver Solution s that are customized exactly as per your requirement. We analyze your requirement thoroughly and understands the business, needs to document the scope of the project. We have dedicated and experienced Solution  developers who can execute the Solution  as per your need.

Driver Solution  + Passenger Solution  + Backend PHP Admin
Passenger Features:

  • Passenger Registration and Login
  • Select Taxi from the Google map
  • Use Google in-built voice recognition to find the nearest driver
  • The Solution lication pickups the nearest taxi for the users detecting the users location
  • Use your GPS to select the pickup Address
  • Request any drivers to take your on ride
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Track the driver till he gets to your door step after the confirmation
  • Driver details and contact details after confirmation
  • Create and edit profile
  • View past Ride History
  • view pending driver request
  • view accepted drivers

Driver Solution  Features:

  • Login to Solution lication
  • Look for new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride
  • Accept ride request from user
  • Cancel ride request from user
  • Complete a ride after ride finishes
  • Change status online / offline – to Solution ear on passenger map
  • View past rides history
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Web Admin Panel Features:

  • A web-based admin control center allows taxi companies to manage users and drivers. By using the administration panel, taxi organizations can:
  • Register new drivers/taxis.
  • Real time track drivers location on the map on the move
  • View all information of registered customers
  • View all information of registered drivers
  • Detail view of all driver ride histories
  • Filter ride history by location, driver name, passenger name and booking date

Additional Features: 
We will Add any New Features or modify the existing features as per your requirement.

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